Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth  = $400 Million

Arnold has one of the most fascinating stories out there. His book Total Recall is a game-changer. It will open your eyes to one of the most disciplined people on the planet. If you think you don't have a talent or that you are at a disadvantage, this American immigrant will show you something different. 

There are not a lot of people who have a path like his. He came to America to be the best bodybuilder ever. Built his wealth in real estate, became one of the biggest action heroes ever and then went into politics. There are not a lot of people who have had success in such drastically different areas. 

Arnold has proven over and over that he was the formula for success. There are some key things that he has done consistently whether he is looking for new properties, or getting ready for his next acting role. He allowed a few habits to carry him to new heights in life.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth and Key Habits

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Just like in bodybuilding, failure is also a necessary experience for growth in our own lives, for if we’re never tested to our limits, how will we know how strong we really are? How will we ever grow?" -Arnold Schwarzenegger

"For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Be hungry for success, hungry to make your mark, hungry to be seen and to be heard and to have an effect. And as you move up and become successful, make sure also to be hungry for helping others. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth and Key Habits

#1 - Use Your Disadvantages

If there is one person, who is the poster boy for using your disadvantages, it's Arnold, he came to America, knowing no English and had to claw his way into knowing learning it. The problem was that he had a strong accent that he still has to this day. The thought was that because his accent was so strong, he would never make it.

Also going against him was that when he began acting, he was fresh out of bodybuilding. He had a lot of muscle mass, and that made it hard for him to get roles. People often told him that no one would ever put a guy that big in a movie. 

Arnold waited for the right opportunities to come along. He did not change who he was; he made being big and having a strong accent his trademark. He did a few movies before Terminator, but that role was made for him. His accent made him sound like the Robot he was, and being jacked made him scary. He used the very things that were supposed to hold him back from success.

#2 - Reps and Sets

Arnold continually preaches about how life is about reps and sets. Bodybuilding was about putting in as many reps and sets as your body could handle. The more you break the muscle down, the stronger it comes back.

He applied these same principles in everything he did. He was not a great poser at first for bodybuilding competitions. He put in the reps and sets until he was. When it came to acting, he put in the reps and sets until he was good enough to handle the role.

Reps and sets should give everyone hope. You could make the argument that Arnold was a talented bodybuilder. In reality, there is no way to get that big without just putting in the reps and sets. His success in other areas of life was due to the sheer hours of work he put in.

#3 - No Plan B

He was successful at everything he touched because he would throw his whole self into things. There was nothing he did in his entire career at 50%. When he was bodybuilding, he desired to be the best in the world. He wanted to be feared and win Mr. Olympia many times over. Nothing was backing that up.

When he switched to acting and later politics, it was more of the same. He had a singular focus and goal, and he was not distracted. He knew what he wanted, and he had the focus to work on and build those habits from day to day.

We can all learn from this in a day and age where distraction is rampant. You can't get away from it. Everywhere you look, something is trying to get you distracted. There is always some new business and some other way to get rich quickly that is pulling you away from your calling.

Summary of Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth and Key Habits


Turn Weak Points to Strengths


Put In The Practice 


Focus On The Mission

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