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And for that reason, our team has hand-picked these three quotes to inspire us all to keep moving forward today, tomorrow, and the rest of this week, building great habits, and working towards a truly successful life.

 ''Move with the times and be in the driver's seat. Enjoy the process of your growth and take pride in your work'' 

Vladimer botsvadze

Marketing Thought Leader

When you live in shackles to other people's opinions and moods and judgments, it is the equivalent of becoming a human streamer. And you're better than that. You're meant to be in the driver's seat of your life, not running alongside the car, trying to catch up!

Mandy hale


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This is how I learn most of what I know about my children and their friends: by sitting in the driver’s seat and keeping quiet.  

Anna QuindlEn 

Author, Journalist, & Opinion Columnist 

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