Make the wedding invitations your guests will keep for ages! With the tips, secrets and resources from this article, you’ll be able to do it with no hassle.

The wedding day is one of the happiest moments in life for many people, but it is also an arduous process of preparations. The will to make everything perfect is understandable, just like the one to make it easier. Thinking out the wedding style, color palette, guest lists, location — many things may stress out the couple. Another important attribute of the wedding is invitations, so let’s figure out how to make the ones you will be proud to send!

There are many creative tools you may need while crafting wedding invitations. Fonts, graphics, brushes and other elements that will make your cards attractive. In case your wedding is in the near future and you already started looking for all the needed tools for invitations, check out The Designest, where everything you craved is already gathered in helpful lists.

Personalize the wedding invitations

I’m sure no one wants to share their wedding style with other couples, and the same goes for invitations! There are tons of examples on the internet, but you should use them more as an inspiration, and not blindly copy the design. Add your personality inside the cards and everyone will be touched by them.

The biggest doubt of the couple on their way to creating personalized wedding invitations is their price. But I’m here to bust this myth! Not only it’s not that expensive, but also not difficult at all. You can even make the cards by yourself. All you need is to gather all the needed creative tools and some Photoshop skills.

Make your wedding style clear with your cards

One of the first things to decide on about the wedding is the style it will be held in. Are you more of the classic and formal, modern and trendy or family-oriented, comfortable celebration? Well, any choice is great as long as you feel confident about it. Just don’t forget to include it in your wedding invitations!

When the invitation is given to the guest, it provides many things they should know about your wedding. Of course, it’s the day of the celebration, the place and the time. However, the card design itself is also a source of information! It will help your guests understand the style of the event you’re throwing, therefore they will know what to anticipate. And how to dress accordingly.

Think out the colors

The color palette is the component of the style you chose. For classic weddings, couples tend to pick a combination of white, ivory, cream and gold colors, but you can go further and make your celebration stand out! And don’t forget that this choice will affect all of the prints you’ll prepare: menus, ceremony programs and escort tokens.

The wedding invitations aren’t the exception here. The important thing to consider while thinking out the colors for the cards is that the background and insignia colors need to provide the readability of the text written in them. So be careful with what you pick!

Consider the readability

Keep in mind that the text is the main reason you create wedding cards. It must be easy to read, yet suit the concept of the cards. There is a wide variety of typography for any style: vintage, modern, ancient and so on.

After you found the right font that ensures the readability of your invitation, don’t forget to make the text color work well with the background. Don’t put dark inks on a black background and vice versa. The same goes for light shades: if the pastel-colored text is written on a similar backdrop, it won’t be visible enough.

Play with words

As I said before, the most important thing on your cards is the text you put there. So check out the rules of writing such papers before you create the design.

The names of the hosts should be at the top of your invitation (or just at the beginning of the text). Then you should add the phrase that sums up the purpose of the card. For example, you can use “ (the name of the couple) inquire for the privilege of your participation.” However, the language may vary according to the wedding style.

Make sure your invitation isn’t visually busy

The colors and decorative details aren’t the only things that can make your wedding invitations visually busy. The information can do it, too.

Of course, there are so many things you’d want to mention on your cards: post-wedding celebrations, wedding venue and many more. However, it will be useful to leave such details for ceremony programs or the website, if you are planning to make it. Drop such additional information and mention only the main points: the date, place, names of the couple, and dress code (in case you have it). This list is optional and if you think something else will be really important for your guests, go for it!

Keep in mind the importance of the RSVP details

Many things cause stress during the wedding preparations, so our goal is to minimize them. To do so, you should include RSVP (répondez s’il vous plaît, French for “please reply”) details on the envelope of your invitation and allow the guests the time of three to four weeks. That’s the common time for most weddings, but you can change it depending on your circumstances.

The reason behind this step is simple: this way you can plan out the seating chart, the number of centerpieces and many other elements of your celebration. And remember, the more time you give to respond, the higher are chances the guests will forget about it.

Don’t skimp on the number of wedding invitations

Here comes the step that requires some math skills. When you are finished with the guest list, write out the families, couples and the ones who will come alone. Why so? There is no need to send out more than one invitation for the guests who live together or are in a relationship. You can just put all the names on one card and that will be totally fine. Moreover, it will be more convenient for the receivers.

Once the calculations are over, add a certain number of cards you will have just in case. It’s better to think about some accidents that may happen (you can lose some invitations or damage them somehow) in advance, so you’ll feel fully prepared for them. It will reassure you that there is no need to postpone other preparations to order new cards and wait for them.

Resources for creating wedding invitations

The resources you may need for your wedding invitations are graphics, fonts, brushes and many other creative items. They will be easier to find once you pick the wedding style, as there are many designer’s sites (Etsy, for example) that provide you with high-quality products (sometimes even free).

You may also need some resources to find the inspiration! It is a part of any creative process, so don’t hesitate to scroll through Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. Many designers and artists post their works there, so these are the perfect platforms for your search. But don’t forget to personalize your design!

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