Delonte West Net Worth = $100k

Delonte is a retired professional basketball player. Financial and personal problems have hurt the success he once had. After making over $14 million throughout his NBA career, he is now considered to be broke.

Delonte has played for several teams in the NBA, but he did not manage his money well. West's personal life has been full of controversy because of his depression, drug use, and financial issues.

His basketball skills provided him with opportunities to showcase his talents at the college level and get drafted to the NBA. Delonte started his career as a basketball player with St Joseph and later joined Boston Celtics in 2007. 

Other notable teams that star played for between 2007 and 2010 are Cleveland Cavaliers and Seattle Supersonics. West moved to Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010 and then returned to Boston Celtics in the same year. The star moved to Dаllаѕ Маvеrісkѕ in 2011, resigned the following year.

During his hardships, he had to sell some of his cars and jewelry to raise money. The retired basketball star has a net worth of approximately $100k as of 2021.

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Delton Maurice West


Basketball Player

United States


Quotes - Delonte West Net Worth and Key Habits

"My job is to play basketball. As far as bringing other guys in, that's up to the guys upstairs. I understand that the biggest thing for everyone is to improve this team for next year."

-Delonte West

“They took my uniform out of here my locker today. I feel a lot better than I did two days ago, but they said no way.”

-Delonte West

"It's hard to have great friends in professional sports because you're so busy with your schedule, but if James befriends you, then he's your friend until the end."

-Delonte West

"I'm going for the Cavs all the way. To this day, I still wear my Cavs hat and game shorts. Out of all the teams I've played for, that was a special period in my life."

-Delonte West

“My sanctuary, my place of peace, became the joke of my life,”

-Delonte West

Delonte West Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Have a winner’s mind

According to West, he managed to reach and survive the NBA because he has always had a winner's mind. He plays every game to win and expects nothing less from himself. He practiced hard to back up this expectation. 

You need to have a winner's mind if you want to excel in life. Similarly, you need to do your best with the opportunity that comes your way. When you give you're all, you don't have to live with any regrets. Always believe that you can make it even when the odds are against you. 

Habit #2: Focus on things that concern you

Delonte believes that he was able to play for so many NBA teams because he focused on things that he could control. He is on record for saying, "My job is to play basketball. As far as bringing other guys in, that's up to the guys upstairs."

He never had issues with the management of his teams. It was easy for him to leave an organization and re-join because he never burned those bridges.

It is prudent to know the workplace boundaries to avoid conflict with colleagues or with your managers. Always try to focus on your duties and keep away from things that are not your business. Always treat others with love and respect.

Habit #3: Prepare for disappointments

Delonte has experienced many disappointments in his personal life and career. For instance, he was let go by teams without good reason, and even sat on the bench when he believed he was skilled enough to play. 

He also had financial challenges that drained all his fortunes. Consequently, people that used to admire him now mock him.

Life is full of challenges and things you can't control. Some people fall from the peak of their careers to become beggars. However, challenges and disappointment should not deter you from bouncing back and accomplish your dreams.

Summary - Delonte West and Key Habits


Have a winner’s mind


Focus on things that concern you


Prepare for disappointments

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