I was talking to my friend from Toronto that I grew up with, and he hit me with something that rocked me. We had lost a mutual friend to suicide, so both of us were reflecting on a lot. As always, I asked him how his family was doing. He said not good, which was surprising to hear. On social media, life had been looking blessed for them. When it comes to social media, "don't watch this."

He told me his sister had gotten into prostitution because she wanted to be able to catch up with her friends. She had the Mercedes and tonnes of cash on hand whenever she needed. People were jealous of this girl! They look at her luxurious life, and they wonder how she did all this then they feel bad about themselves. They have no idea how she got what she has.

Don’t worry about what other people have because you have no idea what they did to get it.

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My Dad Preached This to Me, and His Mom Preached it to Him ?

I am about to pass on some timeless wisdom to you. Don’t worry about what other people have because you have no idea what they did to get it. This does not mean that everyone has to sell themselves to get rich, but everything comes with a price. Some NFL players end their careers with a lot of money, but their brains are not the same. Some are willing to pay that price, and others are not.

What my dad was always trying to help me see is there is still more to the story than what you think you know. His point was not that people are evil or wrong. But everyone can seem like an overnight success if you don’t ask the right questions and pay attention.

  • Worry about yourself, not others

Look at How They Got What They Have First ?

Look at what they gave up. That student that go straight As they gave up parties and fun to study. Are you willing to give that up? If you are not, then it does not matter what they have. It should be irrelevant because it costs something you are not willing to pay.

Sometimes you can’t find out how people get their wealth. They keep it hidden for a good reason or because they are living a lie, which brings me to the point of this entire article.

  • What are you willing to lose?

Don’t Watch This!!! ?

Growing up in Toronto, this was the saying we used to always bark at each other. What it means is to stop paying attention to my life. Stay in your lane. Don’t worry about me! Let me live my own life. Stack your own habits and worry less about what they are doing. 

For example.

Someone could say, “Yoo where did you get those shoes?” And the answer is, “don’t watch this son.”

Understand? Good!

Ian Warner

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I went from a broken leg to a 2012 Olympian. I have spent the last 15 years building positive habits as a track athlete and entrepreneur. I founded Habit Stacker and dedicated my life to helping people to develop winning habits. I have helped over 5,000 people...

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