Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood, where sleepless nights and endless diaper changes are the new norm. As a new parent, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to find the time and energy to build new habits into your already hectic routine.

Well, fear not, because we’ve got the solution: habit stacking! This nifty little technique allows you to build new habits onto your existing routine, so you can make positive changes without sacrificing precious sleep or sanity.

Here’s How It Works:

Start by identifying a habit that you already do on a daily basis, like brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee. Then, add a new habit onto that existing routine, like doing a quick 5-minute stretch or writing in a gratitude journal. Before you know it, that new habit will become second nature, and you’ll barely even notice you’re doing it.

But Wait, There’s More!

As a sleep-deprived parent, you may find yourself struggling to remember even the most basic tasks. That’s where habit stacking can really come in handy. By stacking your habits onto your existing routine, you create a sort of “mental trigger” that reminds you to do that new habit. So, every time you brush your teeth, you’ll remember to do your quick stretch, too.

So go ahead, give habit stacking a try. Because let’s face it, coffee can only do so much. And with a little habit-stacking magic, you’ll be a productivity machine in no time.

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