The journey of a serial smoker is hazardous as it endangers both their health and those around them. E-cigarettes came in and changed this notion and is the leading method used to deter chain smokers from their habits. Research in the United Kingdom shows that half of all smokers vape. About 54% of those who vape are on their way out of smoking, which is commendable.

Components of a Vaping Device

There a heating system within the vaping device that boils e-liquid that produces the vapour. The process has specific components that facilitate vaping, which is the subject of this article. To understand vaping, the device should have the following:-

  • The battery – it is the source of heat within the device, which boils the e-liquid to produce vapour. Lithium-ion batteries are the preferred source of heat as they are both durable and light.
  • Device Circuit – the e-cigarettes have integrated circuits that control all commands as set by the user. It manages the use of power from the battery and prompts safety precautions in case of overheating. 
  • Coil and atomiser – the vaping device has e-liquid, which produces the inhaling vapour when heated. Both the coil and atomiser have separate components within the device.
  • E-liquid – it is the main component within the vaping system as it produces the vapour. The vapour produced when you burn the e-liquid contains flavoured nicotine.

How Vaping Work?

The user presses the power button on the vaping device, which sends power to the atomiser coil. Vaping does not involve heating, which rids the vapour from tar or any incomplete combustion fumes. It makes the whole process safe compared to the traditional cigars.

The heat from the coil vaporises the e-liquid to produce the steam. Depending on the type of vape juice, the vapour produced is in its purest form. It can help mitigate the effects of nicotine, which is the main reason for its usage. People who use vaping to quit smoking use a combination of water, food flavours, and little nicotine. The amount of nicotine used can reduce over time until the user is nicotine-free.

Vaping devices run on circuits, which send commands to components for reactions. When the user presses the heating button, it sends a command to the coil to produce heat. The heat produced burns the vape juice to produce the vapour. As the user inhales, the droplets go directly to the system. It makes its effects faster, a property that makes vaping a preferred method for drug administration in the hospital.

Although it mitigates the effects of direct smoking, vaping does not immediately stop addiction. It is upon the user to consciously decide to reduce its impact over time. If they minimise nicotine percentage concentration over time, it will help solve the problem.

Benefits of Vaping

  • It is a better way of administering drugs, especially those that need combustion. The heat produced in vaping devices is free from components emitted in direct combustion. You inhale the vapour in its purest form. 
  • Vaping is a safer and an effective way to quit smoking. You decide what to put in the vape juice alongside the nicotine. If you want it to work faster, reduce the nicotine percentage over time until you are completely nicotine-free.
  • The effects of vaping are instant. If you are doing it for medical reasons, the results take shape immediately, which speeds up the reaction rate. However, the same effects can also happen when taking harmful drugs.

Elements to Look Out for when Vaping

Health risks, especially when you are not sure of the dosage. Always be sure of your measurements before vaping.

It is also open for other uses, which might lead to intoxication. 

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