Starting a luxury spa business is an investment in a fast-growing industry. Customers are especially drawn to the feeling of an experience that is related to “luxury,” so the setting and services will need to fulfill the expectations of your potential and current customers. How can you create a winning environment with that luxurious feeling? Here are our best suggestions to make it all a success: 

1. Create a business plan

The first effort you’ll want to make to create an exceptionally special luxury spa business is to use our business plan template to launch your business. The plan will convey your personal efforts for your company, your employees, your salon and your clients. You’ll want to fully develop the ways in which your business will serve all your people. The elements of your spa should include: 

  • Your mission and your objectives to make the luxury spa your own. Offer the reason why you started this business and why it remains very important to you. 
  • Your client and competitor research. In order to know whether you’ll have a large base of clients, you’ll want to research the potential clients in your area. Determine what they want in a luxury spa and how much they are willing to pay for services. Also research your competitors to determine their pricing structures, the offerings they provide to their clients and whether they offer any unique services for their clients. You’ll want to develop a unique offering at your spa to encourage new clients. Continue to watch your competition carefully, as clients will embrace the luxury spa that offers the most amenities and special services.
  • Your marketing strategies. Clients will recognize you by the unique marketing techniques you employ. Visit area retail stores to hand out samples, set up a booth at a community event or offer in-house services to companies. Everything that is done in person will resonate with potential clients. They want to meet the person who owns a luxury spa.
  • Your financial forecasts. Detail the expenses you have and the income you expect to receive. This will help set up your company to receive funding or loans if needed. Be sure to include any equipment needed or special spa chairs, tables and other equipment. 
  • Your operational plan. This final piece of your spa business plan should outline the roles and responsibilities of your employees. You’ll use this as an employee handbook, as well as a plan for launching your business. 

2. Offer soft surroundings

Your clients will enter expecting a greeting area with a receptionist and a soft environment of neutral colors. White, sand, lavender and other soft pastels work best for both furnishings, paint color and flooring. Clients should be escorted within five minutes to prepare for treatment(s) they’ve selected. Robes should be made of thick and soft terry cloth, with slippers to match. Dressing rooms should be fairly large and private with doors that lock. 

3. Offer specialized treatments

Hire specialists who know which treatments will best serve your clients and ask them to converse with each client before beginning any services. In this way, the client will feel comfortable and able to ask any questions before the treatment begins. 

Facial treatments may include: 

  • O24U Facial: Thin wand of oxygen streamed onto the surface of the face to oxygenate the pores
  • Light Up the World Facial: LED light treatment for acne and skin inflammation  
  • Fountain of Youth Facial: Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a cleansing serum reignites a youthful appearance 

Body treatments may include:

  • Mud Body Mask: Exfoliation of the body, followed by one hour in a mud bath. 
  • Detox Sauna: Heat drains your body of toxins while you relax in the sauna
  • Hot Rocks Treatment: Hot rocks soothe muscles and drain toxins from your body
  • Massage Chair: Chairs may add heat to a gentle all-over massage

4. Provide amenities during and after treatments that customers will appreciate

  • Lemon water in chilled glassware
  • Thick, fluffy white towels 
  • Fragrances that evoke relaxation: jasmine, musk and rose
  • Complimentary lotions and oils 
  • Complimentary slippers 
  • Complimentary hand massage 

5. Don’t forget to offer basics

  • Sugar scrub facials
  • Classic manicures 
  • Salty sea bodybuff
  • Prenatal massage
  • Spa pedicure
  • Paraffin hand and foot treatment

6. Offer a complete line of skincare products to clients during and after their treatments

Demonstrate products for clients and make recommendations for the skincare treatments that will suit their skin types. Ensure each client receives a complimentary bag. If you are interested in how to start a skincare business online you’ll want to build your plan using our template and guide. 

Starting a luxury spa business can be challenging and exciting. Thankfully, it can also be extremely profitable if you choose treatments that offer high-value experiences, offer products for purchase, and include the amenities that are expected and appreciated. 

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