Lil Mo Net Worth = $300K

Lil Mo is a singer, actress, radio personality, reality star, and a songwriter. She is known for working with artists like Missy Elliot and Ja Rule when they were in their primes in the late 90's and early 2000's. She ended up being able to ink a deal with Elektra Records, where she continued to flourish, putting out singles and working with other artists on their albums for their hooks.

She grew up in New York but moved around a lot because of her father's military assignments. She finally settled in Baltimore, Maryland. She had goals of being a singer at a young age, but she had to be persistent and endure through much garbage for it to become a reality.

She got her big break with mussy by submitting her demo material and continuously working on her craft by entering competitions. Her album kept getting pushed back due to a lack of popularity. It was Missy Elliot that saved her career with the song Hot Boyz.

She released Super Woman Pt 2 in 2001 and featured a hot new young rapper by the name of Fabulous, and she was the one who brought him into the mainstream. The song peaked at #11 on the Billboard hot 100. This allowed her to finally release her album Based On a True Story, which had favorable reviews.

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Lil Mo


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Lil Mo Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Persistence

Lil Mo has been persistent with her music. Where most people develop a dream to be an entertainer, they often give up when they see things not working out that great. Lil Mo could have done this when she was sending out her demo tapes and not getting any callbacks, but instead, she persisted. She could have thrown in the towel when he album was being pushed back because no one cared about her, but she hung in there.

Lil Mo is a reminder to everyone that no dream comes easy, and the bigger it is, the harder it will be. You have to keep hanging in there and taking your punches. Remember that most people won't, and they will quit, and that is why success can get more comfortable the longer that you are willing to persist.

Habit #2 - Know Your Role 

Lil Mo is sort of like Nate Dawg. She knew her places were in being featured on tracks and doing hooks for other artists, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes people miss their calling because they always want to be the main show instead of learning to play their role on the team. Lil Mo was fitted in singing on the chorus with talented raps, and she made a great living doing this.

If you don't get in place for your role, you may end up being left behind. Like how some NBA players make a name for themselves as the 6th man. They learn how to come off the bench and provide value to their team. You have to first focus on knowing where you give the most value to the side and then make sure you play that role well.

Habit #3 - Stand Your Ground 

Lil Mo got in Beef with Ja Rule and other artists, but it was mostly because she was willing to stand up for herself. Put it On Me made Ja Rule a tonne of money. No one could have predicted how popular that song would have been. It was a hit song for years, and people could not get enough of it, and as it was making money, she was not. So she called Ja Rule out on it and sued him. They eventually settled and handled their difference.

People will walk all over you if you allow them too. You have to be ready at any time to stand up for who you are. Hold your position and your ground because some people in this world get too much joy from tearing others down and walking all over them.

Summary - Lil Mo Net Worth and Key Habits




Know Your Role 


Stand Your Ground 

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