Hey Habit Stackers! Great news! Dr. Alan M. Patterson, author of Burn Ladders. Build Bridges and Chief Executive Ladderburner at Ladderburners.com, recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions related to his new book.

If you’re ready to pursue work with meaning and purpose, Burn Ladders. Build Bridges is the right book for the job. Grab your copy today and join the ranks of “Ladderburners” everywhere!

7 Quick Questions

1. If you could only keep one chapter of your book which chapter, would it be, and why?

It would be the last chapter, a fictitious commencement address to the graduating kindergarten class at Miss Hughes School for Little Folks, which I attended. It describes that meaning and purpose in our lives take years, to recapture the excitement we experienced on the playground long before we developed the mindset that we are the center of universe.

2. Looking back, what was the best part of writing Burn Ladders. Build Bridges?

It was the ongoing discussions with colleagues and friends who share the same beliefs and enriched the conversations for why building bridges is the key to meaning and purpose.

3. Your book covers a wide range of topics related to personal growth. If you had to choose one message that you hope readers take away from your writing, what would it be?

There is only one person responsible for your career development. You.

4. In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception that people have about personal growth and self-improvement, and how do you address that in your writing?

Many think that someone or some organization is going to take care of them and guide them down a path for career development. That’s not going to happen, not even close. Own your development. Build a base of credibility and competence, build relationships and forget climbing the ladder, learn the skills for having impact on others in a meaningful way.

5. You talk about the importance of taking action and making changes in your life. What advice do you have for readers who may feel overwhelmed or unsure about where to start?

It starts with conversations with people you trust, people you find interesting, and interested. Ask questions about what’s important to them. Listen. Things will click.

6. Since we’re all about “habits” at Habit Stacker, what’s your go-to process for creating and maintaining lasting habits?

Routines are important. People are important. Combine the two and watch what happens.

7. Finally, what’s next for you? Are you working on any new projects or books that readers can look forward to in the future?

I should be off the grid by now but would never be happy without a project. I’m thinking about a new or revised edition of my first book, Leader Evolution: From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership. It’s still a hot topic!

Big Thanks Alan!

Alan, we love the book. And we love the work you and the team are doing everyday at Ladderburners.com. Keep up the great work!

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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