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Lizette Warner PhD. was kind enough to carve out some time in her schedule to answer a few  questions about her new book, Power, Poise, and Presence and share her thoughts with all of you, our beloved readers of Habit Stacker.

1. If you could only keep one chapter of your book which chapter, would it be, and why?

Chapter 13 on energy efficiency because it takes the learning of the entire book and entire learnings of biomarkers into what matters for practical applications. This chapter gives readers a practical application of the next level systemic approach to understanding your energy and motivational energy.

2. What inspired you to go back to school for your PhD?

These people getting their PhDs seemed on top of knowing everything. I admired the ability to know the research and be able to speak so eloquently on their research areas.

3. What would you consider the number one benefit of increasing diversity in the workplace?

Innovation. High performing people and leaders tend to have ways to get things done but there are always so many ways to reach your destination. When you increase diversity, it can spur innovation and new ideas in the workplace.

4. What inspired you to get your coaching certification?

I wanted to be a better leader because the workplace and schools don’t prepare you to lead people. While getting a coaching credential I found I could help other leaders be authentic leaders and after getting a coaching credential and setting up my own business I discovered I could help other coaches set up their businesses authentically.

5. What do you enjoy most about your work coaching people?

Hands down the transformation and making people better- leaders, spouses, teachers, entrepreneurs, you name it. Helping people create new habits and new ways of thinking makes the world a better place one person at a time.

6. How important is it to get self-talk right for individuals?

Considering that the one voice we listen to without fail 24×7 is our voice and that we listen to that voice regardless if its right or wrong, there are a couple of different ways to address getting self talk right.

One school of thought would say speak uplifting and positive words. That can be tough for people who positivity doesn’t come naturally.

Another school of thought would say it doesn’t matter if you get self talk right or not.

I’d say notice the self talk and recognize it’s providing you information. You get to choose what you want to do with that information. That information might be fake, trying to keep you safe, trying to keep you from taking a risk, etc but by noticing it’s giving you information disarms it from ruling your life.

7. What is the biggest barrier you face when it comes to giving feedback as a coach?

Not giving my “you should do this” because the truth is I don’t know all the resources people have and people are infinitely resourceful. I find if I give my opinion, it’s cheap input because clients will always come up with solutions far more impactful and useful in there lives than my opinions.

Big Thanks Lizette!

Lizette, your work is truly making a difference, and your new book Power, Lise, and Presence is bound to do the same.  Keep up the amazing work!

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