It’s important today to keep track of public safety. This can be done through the use of a weapon detection system or WDS. You can use this contemporary technology in banks, at educational institutions, and in airport facilities.It can also be set up at public events, including festivals, sports activities, and entertainment venues.

An Advanced Security Technology

This detection system is a metal detector – designed to discover a broad array of threats – threats that include rifles, shotguns, or handguns. Moreover, the system can expose these warnings immediately. You don’t have to have people remove items from their wallets or purses, nor have them stop before they pass through the gateway.

Systems of this type are made of high-definition (HD) walkthrough components and an induction lidar  (additional thermal camera), artificial intelligence (AI), and visual camera. A monitor tablet and controller tablet are used to top off the network connection.

Set Up The System Anywhere

You can set up this system indoors or outdoors. It is made to weather any storm.

Homeland Security Compliant

Both sound and visual alerts are used, which follow Homeland Security best practices for WDS compliance.

How The System Works

The hidden WDS is made to scan people as they walk at an average pace. If no threat is detected, the system displays the word, “Clear” on the monitor. If there is a discovered threat, then the system displays the words, “Object Detected.” At that time, the system is configured to trigger an alarm.

This system works best by having people enter a facility or site in single file at a checkpoint location. If a warning is transmitted, then a security officer can conduct a second screening.

With this type of security in place, you can send a warning notification in real time to a computer browser, video management system (VMS), mobile phone, security operation center, or access control system device.

This type of warning system can also be integrated with business software apps. Most users elect to have active alerts sent after guard confirmation. Each alert shows the location, a date and time stamp, and picture.

You can also add another security layer with this advanced level of security. A concealed WDS can be integrated with a detection system that checks for visible guns as well. A controller tablet conveys the information to a cloud control center, providing analytics and further details.

WDS Benefits

A WDS allows you to enjoy several security benefits. These benefits include:

  • Real-time warnings
  • Real-time alert resolution
  • Incident reporting digitized for easy retrieval
  • Immediate compliance documentation
  • Analytics and related reporting
  • Enterprise user organization and management
  • API integrations
  • Guard check-in notations

Whether you need to install a metal detector at your office, in a public venue, or set one up for an event, a modern WDS will provide you with the coverage you need.

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