Pavel Tsatsouline Net Worth = $23 Million

Pavel is a strength and conditioning coach who specialized in training tactical populations. Focusing on making them better responders and soldiers through physical fitness.

He is mostly known as being the man who introduced the kettlebell to the west. Using the tool to "weed out weakness" from the gene pool. He has worked with SPETNAZ (Soviet special forces) and has been a subject matter expert for the USA. Helping show US special forces the ways in which Russia trains their athletes and soldiers.

Pavel received his degree from the Belarusian State University of Physical Training and has authored a number of books. Books that have helped common people of every level. His comedic and stereotypical hard line approach is refreshing, and has helped drive his success.

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Pavel Tsatsouline

Strongfirst Inc


Founder of Strongfirst



Kettlebell Simple & Sinister: Revised and Updated (2nd Edition)
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Quotes - Pavel Tsatsouline Net Worth and Key Habit

Everything in your body is interrelated, isolation is a myth.- Pavel Tsatsouline

The kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness. - Pavel Tsatsouline

It does not matter if you can do 1000 punches if none of them can knock out your little sister. - Pavel Tsatsouline

If you are wondering what 'strong' is, it probably isn't you.- Pavel Tsatsouline

Strength has a greater purpose. - Pavel Tsatsouline

You can do anything you want. But you must be strong first.- Pavel Tsatsouline

Pavel Tsatsouline Net Worth and Key Habit

Habit #1: Function Over Aesthetics 

Pavel is a big believer in doing things that have a real world purpose. He believes getting strong in ways that actually add to your work is the best way to realize your full potential. I myself am a big time believer in this as well. Training and being great in useless movements serves no one but your ego. Now you may not be reading this because you are looking for better ways to get stronger or gain lean muscle.

However this idea can be used in your every day life. You should be spending your time doing things that add to you life. Things that have a real world function. To those things that you know add to your life rather than making you look better.

Habit #2: Strength Over Everything

Pavel started a company  called StrongFirst. A education company that trains fitness experts how to properly use the kettlebell. And like the name sake of his business he has a deep belief that strength is the answer to almost everything. 

If you can express your strength or get stronger in all aspects of your life you will find life itself become just a little bit easier. Become stronger physically and you will be able to do things easier in your daily life, become a stronger reader and the more information you will be able to absorb, etc etc.

Habit #3: K.I.S.S

Pavel is a big believer in breaking down extremely complicated training principle into its vital parts and allowing everyone to understand how it works. Finding the simplicity in everything is difficult to do, however is worth doing all the times. Keeping things simple will allow you to show others that may not understand a concept exactly what you're talking about.

When you focus on simplicity you automatically remove the fluff from your life. Making you focus on the things that really matter in your life. Keeping things simple with allow you to be more efficient and effective.

Now, it is hard to keep things simple in this day and age but you can do so by starting with one aspect of your life and simplifying it as much as possible. Once you have done that you can then move onto another aspect and so on.








Works as physical training instructor for SPETNAZ

Comes To USA 

2001 writes First kettlbell book and introduces the KB to the West

Leaves RKC

Starts StrongFirst

The Quick and the Dead: Total Training for the Advanced Minimalist
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Summary of The Pavel Tsatsouline Net Worth and Key Habits


Function Over Aesthetics 


Strength Over Everything



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