Scottie Pippen Net Worth = $30 Million

Scottie Pippen is a retired professional basketball player. His remarkable skills enabled him to play 17 seasons in the NBA where he made over $100M. 

He helped Chicago Bulls to win six NBA titles. Pippen is among the 50 greatest NBA players and an Olympic Gold Medal winner. Scottie came from a poor family but he made his name in professional basketball through his relentless hard work.

Pippen started his journey as a probasketball player with the Ѕеаttlе Ѕuреrsоnісѕ in 1987. He later joined the Chicago Bulls where he played with legend Michael Jordan.

Scottie won several awards and earned numerous endorsements during his career. He has a net worth of about $30 million right now. Scottie could have been much wealthier if not for poor financial decisions.

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Scotty Pippen




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Quotes - Scottie Pippen Net Worth and Key Habits

“It's definitely tough to get up and walk away from something you have been a part of for so long. But it's part of life.” - Scottie Pippen

“I think I learned a lot from a lot of experiences that I dealt with over my career.” - Scottie Pippen

“I always dreamed of playing the NBA, but along the way, the road got a little cloudy.” - Scottie Pippen

“I want to get into the NBA and make a name for myself.” - Scottie Pippen

“As a young player, I always thought I was doing everything I could. But the longer you play, the more you learn, and the better you're prepared for what this game throws at you.” - Scottie Pippen

“You continue to compete against the very best every day, and you will get better, or you'll be embarrassed.” - Scottie Pippen

“It had been a long journey for me just to get drafted. I had to work very hard as a collegiate player just to get recognized, being at a small school.” - Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Have clear goals

Scottie came from a poor family but he always had clear goals that he wanted to achieve in life. He is on record for saying, “I want to get into the NBA and make a name for myself."

He started playing basketball in high school to make sure he was improving his skills. Scottie never looked back since high school and when the opportunity came to get into the NBA, he grabbed it and became a superstar.

You cannot get far in life if you do not have clear goals about where you want to be. People without clear goals are easily distracted.  

Just choose the path that you want to follow and work extremely hard to reach your desired destination.

Habit #2: Work with the best

Scottie believes that he became one of the best basketball players in the NBA because he worked with the best. 

He played with legends such as Michael Jordan and played with one of the best coaches ever. These opportunities enabled him to practice better and become one of the best.

No one is an island of knowledge because everyone is blessed differently. Therefore, it is prudent to associate yourself with people that are more knowledgeable so that you can learn from them.

Successful people associate with better people in their areas of specialization so that they can acquire more skills at a faster rate.

Habit #3: Learn from your experiences

Pippen believes that individual experiences are the best teacher. He credits his successful career to his experiences.

Having grown up in a poor family, Scottie experienced several challenges that have enabled him to become a better person. He used some of the skills he acquired as a child to grow his career.

You rarely make mistakes if you learn from your experiences. Successful people use their past mistakes and successes to shape their future. It is easy to identify individual capabilities and weaknesses based on experiences.

The rule of thumb is to use the acquired skills to make better decisions and avoid repeating past mistakes.

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Summary - Scottie Pippen Net Worth and Key Habits


Have Clear Goals


Work With The Best


Learn From Your Experiences

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