Driving around trucks can be dangerous, but there are many reasons why you should be careful when driving around trucks. Perhaps the most significant reason is if they jackknife; it’s unlikely that either vehicle will make it out without some damage. Even though the size of cars is catching up to that of trucks, the weight ratio is still heavily in favor of the truck. If you happen to get into an accident with a large truck, then you are virtually guaranteed damage to your vehicle. However, there are many other ways that trucks pose risks while driving around them. 

Trucks Can Cause Significant Damage Even In A Minor Accident

Truck accidents usually lead to serious injuries or even death. Even if the accident is relatively small, the most common truck accident causes major damage to the smaller vehicle. It is common for a truck to lose its cargo in a rear-end accident or get its load shifted, so it hangs on one side of the trailer if only the car hits. The damage caused by a heavy vehicle can be reduced with airbags and other safety equipment, but they are usually not sufficient enough to prevent injuries from the accident.

One of the most common truck accident types is a rear-end collision, which also happens to be one of the most dangerous due to the reasons explained above. If you are in a car, don’t tailgate or drive too closely behind the huge vehicle. This will reduce the chances that your back bumper will collide with its cargo after it stops.

Trucks Need Longer Time To Stop Than Smaller Vehicles  

If you ever find yourself sharing the road with one of these trucks, make sure to be aware of their longer stopping distance. You should also remember that even though it might seem like they are slowing down because they are using their brakes, the actual reason is due to air resistance (drag force). Trucks usually have more aerodynamic drag than normal cars, meaning that they have a longer stopping distance because of this. Trucks cannot stop on a dime like most people think they can, so drivers should always be aware of this when sharing the road with one of these large vehicles. 

Trucks Can easily Lose Control Of Their Vehicles

Whenever you are driving, the number one thing to remember is that trucks can easily lose control of their vehicles. Although they may seem like hulking behemoths of the road, they require the same amount of attention as any other vehicle on the street.  Even though they sit tall and may seem like they’re bulky, the amount of control that a truck has over its body is very limited.  This is especially true when they are on the road. Trucks have a lot of moving parts that have to stay for them to do their job properly.  If any one of those parts malfunctions or breaks, the driver will lose control of the truck and possibly cause an accident.

In almost every instance, trucks tend to be overloaded. Without the proper amount of weight in the bed of the truck, they tend to sway back and forth on their suspension. This is more common on trucks that are hauling large construction equipment or other bulky materials.

Drivers who are not experienced with driving trucks can be one of the more dangerous reasons why you should be extra careful when you’re around a truck. For the most part, if someone loses control of a standard vehicle due to reckless driving, it will be less likely that they’ll lose control of a large one. However, this does not mean that inexperienced drivers can’t cause an accident with a large vehicle. There have been many instances where young drivers were speeding and caused an accident because the truck they were driving could not handle their high speeds.

Their Blind Spots Are More Dangerous Than Normal

It’s common for large vehicles to have blind spots that are larger than usual. Unfortunately, there are incidents where trucks have turned right at an intersection without checking their blind spots, resulting in horrific accidents. If you ever find yourself behind a truck at an intersection, especially if the light is green, be wary of how it will turn, so you can be prepared for any emergencies.

Their blind spots are several feet wide on both sides. They can’t see people in the front or back of their trucks, so they often won’t know if someone is passing them on either side. These big vehicles need more room to turn than cars do. If you see a truck turning, and it is not giving enough space for your car, do not try to go around it at the last second. If the truck is blocking your vision, slow down as much as possible and wait until you can see if there is enough room to go around it.

When driving around trucks, you should be careful of their blind spots and how they drive. They are bigger than cars, harder to see around, need more room to turn, and have more dangerous blind spots than normal vehicles. Also, if a truck looks like it is going to hit you, stay calm and do not brake or swerve. Instead, slow down until the truck passes you.

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