Vasyl Lomachenko Net Worth = $5.5 Million

Lomachenko was one of the most successful amateur boxers of all time, with a record of 396 wins and 1 loss. Competing in the featherweight and lightweight divisions, He has won multiples of medals at various World Championships. He is known for his exceptional hand speed, timing, accuracy, creativity, athleticism, defense and footwork.

Lomachenko made his professional debut in 2013. He won a world title in his third fight and became a three-weight champion in his twelfth fight. He has competed for a world title in all of his professional fights except his debut. His future is looking bright, He can only get better as his career moves forward.

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Vasyl Anatoliyovych Lomachenko

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Championship boxer



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Quotes - Vasyl Lomachenko Net Worth and Key Habits

I don't want to be like any other boxer. My goal is to be a champion in my own style.-Vasyl Lomachenko

I had a dream as a young boy to be Olympic champion in boxing, and that's what I focused on with my father- making it a reality.- Vasyl Lomachenko

I want to fight. I want to fight. I want to unify titles.- Vasyl Lomachenko

My father taught me boxing and showed me what this beautiful sport means.- Vasyl Lomachenko

The reason I like Olympic boxing is that all the best fighters come together and find out who the best fighter is.- Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Put The Work In

If you want something you are going to have to work for it.  Vasyl Lomachenko is an extremely hard worker. He gets his stuff done!. He is willing to grind for what he wants. Training 2 times per day, getting in his recovery work, and studying film.

Developing a work ethic will only serve you moving forward. You need to be willing to put the work in. It's mandatory for success and that is non-negotiable. Find yourself working hard and you will find yourself moving up the ladder.

Habit #2: Aim To Be The Best

There is no point in doing something if you aren't trying to be the best at it. Lomachenko takes that idea to heart. Him and his father form training plans that get him to take on more, and produce levels of performance that have not been seen before.

You should be looking to do the best you can every single time you sit down to work. Get yourself into a position to be the best you can be. It is that simple.

Habit #3: Have Fun

When you watch Vasyl train and box he is having fun while doing it. He is constantly smiling and enjoying his time there. That is something that must be instilled in everything we do. 

You are doing something in your life generally because you have love for it. It is something you enjoy doing. That doesn't mean that you aren't going to have hard times within it. But that is where your love for it will allow you to move through those times and get back to having fun.

Summary of The Vasyl Lomachenko Net Worth and Key Habits


Put The Work In


Aim To Be The Best


Have Fun

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