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Vicente Fernandez is known as The King of Ranchera Music in Mexico. He is one of the best selling Mexican artists of all time. He has been in over 30 films and produced more than 50 albums in total. He has sold over 50 million records worldwide in his career. 

He started playing music when he was eight years old. He has spent decades of his life dedicated to his craft, and there is a lot we can all learn from him. Not many people can have their father die; their child kidnapped and still go on stage and give people a show. It takes personal habits and character to pull that off. Enjoy the Vicente Fernandez Net Worth and Key Habits.

Vicente Fernandez Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Life Long Passion

Vicente Fernandez was not a guy who was jumping all over the place and not able to stick with what he started. He was the opposite. He started playing music when he was eight, and he made it a life long passion. Even after retirement, he kept recording music. For him, its a passion and a love that bleeds into everything he does. 

If you are willing to work at something you are gifted with and that you love for a long time, success is almost guaranteed. He started just playing music on the street for tips. He had a very humble beginning, and it was his passion that carried him through to success. 

Habit #2 - Branch Out

You can stick to your passion but still be willing to try new things. Some people find something they are good at, and then they stop pushing themselves to learn and do new things. The reason the Vicente Fernandez Net Worth is as high as $25 Million is that he branched out into acting. 

Doing this allowed him to reach a broader audience with his music. He was able to create a fan base that knew his movies and one that knew his music. Both began to consume both in time. By challenging himself, he was able to find passion and start to master a brand new area. 

Habit #3 - Keep Producing

He made 50 albums and had a hand in 30 different movies in his lifetime. You can't do that without some good daily habits. He was set on producing, and he was not waiting until things were perfect for releasing them. To create that much content, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and fail continually. 

Vicente Fernandez knew that its a numbers game. If you put out more work, the chances of it succeeding increase instead of trying to put out less work but make it perfect. His passion was making music and acting, and he showed up to do those things daily. 








Full Time Devotion to Music

Javier Solis Dies

Goes on Stage Despite Tragedy

Retires from Music and Acting

Sells Over 50 Million Albums Worldwide

Summary of The Vicente Fernandez Net Worth and Key Habits


Stay Focused On The Mission


Diversify Your Skills


Keep Creating

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