It takes a certain kind of person to pursue entrepreneurship. Ambition, creativity, courage, and a lot of hard work are just a few characteristics that need to be consistent and even then, without a bit of luck, many small businesses don’t make it.

For those people bold enough just wanting to make a necessary change in their lives stepping into new habits will be vital in many respects. While there are any number of qualities and successful skills entrepreneurs can maintain, here is a short list of 5 habits that will help in the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur in 2023.

Continuous Learning

The amount of knowledge and information available in today’s modern world is staggering at times. While some may see this as overwhelming, those who recognize the importance of continuing education and have a curiosity for learning find it enthralling. It has never been easier in history for a person of any demographic to access information of any kind.

As an entrepreneur that means that some information that was once hard to find, unless a mentor or college program dolled it out, is now easily accessible in a myriad of formats. Being that there are so many successful people willing to share their knowledge freely means that anyone with the ability, interest, and discipline to learn has the potential to capitalize.

Since entrepreneurs typically have to wear a lot of different hats when running their own businesses, having at least a basic understanding of many different types of topics has plenty of benefits: saving time, money, and injecting new creative ideas. Combining such resources with hard work and great timing increases the likelihood of success.


Most people have a hard time focusing on tasks they don’t want to do, but that becomes even harder in a world that is constantly trying to grab people’s attention. Ad’s, notifications, alerts, entertainment, junk mail. There are any number of things in modern daily life that have the ability to distract someone from the tasks at hand.

Recognizing and compensating or guarding against such distraction is a powerful and all too often necessary skill just generally speaking, but when running one’s own business, that can make or break the quarters profits. Success comes much in part from the ability to set goals and maintain consistent, daily focus that eventually adds up to a level of success.

Smart Moves

Opportunities recognized, grasped, or missed are what push business forward in life. It is one thing to be able to anticipate an opportunity, and quite another to know what steps to take in order to fully capitalize it. Entrepreneurship in and of itself is a risk, but those people who understand how to take calculated risks and then do the work needed to get things done stand a much better chance of turning those efforts into measurable success.

Taking the time to learn, and then figuring out how to determine whether the risk is worth the effort, is a big factor in business. Learning to do so while minimizing the chance of failure is often a hard learned skill.


The term self-care has become popular enough over the last decade or so to become almost cliche’ but, as with most long standing cliches, there is a point and purpose behind that establishment. The world and its values have been changing at striking speeds since the COVID pandemic, and among those changes are the recognition of physical and emotional health.

While in generations past it became popular— and even sometimes expected— to work oneself to the point of burnout, most of the populace have wised up. Many movements, once started at the grass-roots levels, have also planted themselves in major corporate businesses. Research and implementation have proven that a variety of self-care habits like exercise, eating right, and a good night’s sleep really do make a difference in life. Those healthy habits translate directly into a successful business.


This trait, while perhaps not the first or most common answer provided when polling successful entrepreneurs, is certainly a factor that should not be overlooked. Any seasoned business owner will admit to the sometimes radical fluctuations in profitability or scarcity. Those who are willing and able to ride out those unpredictable or unavoidable moments are far more likely to come out stronger and smarter on the other side, but that requires resilience.

For the business owner that can combine patience, skill, hard work, self-care, focus, and resilience, success is just that much more likely in the long run.

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