Walmart is the world’s biggest private employer, with over 30,000 open job postings and over 2 million workers. Their hiring process is entirely automatic, meaning not so many people get through and become employed.  

Because of high unemployment rates, finding a steady job is more difficult than ever. That’s why applying for a job at Walmart is a good idea, since these retail giants do well through bad and good times.  

Worth trying, don’t you think? So, if you want to get employed right now, maximize your chances by using an expert resume writer’s help. A professional approach will come in handy when you need to beat ATS bots and reach recruiters.   

And if you’ve already taken care of that matter, let’s see what else you can do to land a job at Walmart. 

Consider More Than One Store

When you finally decide to fill out the application, you’ll be able to choose which store you aim for. You can apply to any Walmart; just decide how far you can drive daily to get to work. The more store locations you choose, the bigger the chance you get hired in one. 

Be Available 

You should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This may sound crazy, but managers will often hire someone with less experience and more availability than someone who can only work in the mornings. So, being available will surely get you through the door. The more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll be hired.  

Apply for as Many Positions As You Can 

Apply for as many positions as possible because Walmart will educate and train you for any work and job offer. The more jobs you apply for, the bigger the chance of getting hired. Don’t limit yourself, but if you do, try to keep them to a minimum. 

Do Well On Your Assessment Test

How can you crack your Walmart assessment? So, the assessment test estimates candidatescapabilities to comprehend and handle problems with customers. It also evaluates if they are capable of working under supervision. Furthermore, you must pass the written questioning and the following interview if you want to crack the test 

Network With Current Employees

The best thing you can do is network with current employees. Reach out and start a conversation with managers, cart pushers, and cashiers. Anybody already working there might help you get your application to the top of the pile. A nice word from a promising employee can do magic, so don’t be afraid to talk to them and make connections. 

Be Persistent

When you apply, call the Human Resources manager to check if they have taken a look at your application. Be persistent and ask if they are hiring for any new positions. 

Prepare for Your Interview

You’ll be one of the three individuals interviewed for the same position. You have the advantage of knowing this information, so use it wisely 

At the interview, you are usually questioned by a department manager and two assistant managers. Each individual can ask you multi-part questions, and if your answers are good enough, you’ll be called for the second interview. This means you got the job, but they still need to put you through this process again. You might even get the same questions the second time 

Job Positions You Can Apply For 


As a cashier, you will handle the bag products, offer assistance to customers, and deal with the cash register. You must be courteous, considerate, and ready to help the clients. 

Front End Worker 

This name is generally used for employees taking care of the store and its appearance. This includes cart gatherings, janitorial services, and cleaning. Walmart also refers to the front-end and cashiers as a single position. Because of this, you’ll be able to apply only once to both positions. 

Grocery & Food Worker 

Grocery and fresh food employees serve customers at the Walmart bakery, dairy, and meat department. They are accountable for the availability of the products and the cleanliness of the department. 


Stocker’s position includes the following duties:  

  • taking care of proper operations of the store;  
  • unloading trucks;  
  • sorting products on the shelves;  
  • assisting customers;  
  • arranging the backroom. 

Order Filler

These individuals are the first link in the store’s delivery chain. They go around different departments and gather various products to be further delivered to customers according to their orders. 

Personal Shopper / Sales Associate

Sales associates serve clients and supply orders in departments other than groceries, for example, toys. This is primarily a customer service job, but as the name suggests, it is a sales-driven position too. 

Personal shoppers are accountable for identifying customersneeds and product locations that will meet their requirements. This role primarily focuses on providing outstanding service and creating long-lasting connections with clients. 

To Wrap It Up

Getting a position at Walmart can be challenging, but with our tips, you are already one step ahead. Do thorough research and prepare for the interview. Be available as much as possible and consider visiting your nearest store and chatting with the employees there

Even if you don’t get the wanted position now, you can always apply for it in the future; just stay polite, consistent, and believe in yourself. We wish you luck! 

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