Being a solid, effective leader requires a constantly evolving mindset. When you’re managing a large team, the number of tasks you have to juggle daily can become overwhelming. With the right tools, however, you can simplify and optimize your management tasks. To assist you, here are eight leadership management tools you should know about in 2022:

1. Zoho CRM

Businesses need to reach out to each other frequently. Otherwise, the ability for businesses to thrive is significantly cut down. As a manager, you need a communication platform/software combo that can help automate the majority of your communications, and few other pieces of software can help you do so as efficiently as Zoho CRM. Whether you’re looking for simplified social media marketing, easy email integration, or a way to schedule email marketing campaigns with ease, Zoho CRM has got you covered.


Managing a team can become chaotic at a moment’s notice. Learning how to communicate your company’s needs to each of your team members, and ensuring that they understand their assigned tasks fully, is no easy feat. With the right software, doing so becomes much simpler, however. is a fully AI-supported software and performance management system that helps you optimize your leadership tasks, and ensures that you’re able to “firefight” ineffective communication and organization with ease.

3. StarTeam

If you’re managing teams for a global company, keeping connected to all of the teams across the globe is a must. When you fail to do so, you’ll likely fall behind competing managers, making it harder to climb up the corporate ranks. Thankfully, StarTeam is fantastic for bringing together disconnected and globally distributed teams that are acting under a single brand. Impact analysis, central data warehouse management, inter-company digital resources, and other amazing communication features are highly optimized within StarTeam’s high-tech layout.

4. Teamdeck

Especially if you’re managing a large team, making sure that everyone has a clear idea of what their current tasks are (and which ones are a priority) can be incredibly difficult. With Teamdeck, you can easily assign employees different projects, tasks, and goals. The software makes it easy to emphasize what tasks are a priority, and comes with amazing timesheet software that ensures everyone is tracking their tasks appropriately. With this data, you’ll have a handy tool for optimizing future operations.

5. Freshdesk

Project management is one of the most important and often-frustrating tasks that managers have to take on daily. When you’re trying to balance the needs of your customers, and the team members that you’re managing, this task becomes even trickier. Freshdesk provides a project management toolset that eases your ability to keep track of conversations you’re having while connecting your customers to the team member who can best assist them with ease. The high customizability of the software has made it a mega hit with project managers.

6. Logility

Another amazing AI-based tool, Logility understands how to optimize raw materials to ensure your management approach remains successful. If you’re looking for a way to leverage automation, evaluate your sourcing, and optimize your management schedule, this is the app you’ve been looking for. The ability to perform inability inspections and audit controls from the software’s platform makes it that much smoother to navigate. This is a modernized, AI-driven management tool that you’ll want to pay attention to.

7. Freshservice

An extension of the popular Freshdesk software we mentioned earlier, Freshservice is fantastic for the more analytically-focused management tasks on your plate. You’re able to easily analyze and mitigate risks using Freshservice and can use data that you’ve gathered from other software within the program with ease. For those who are looking to constantly refine their management approach, and who need a one-stop place to do solid business analytic tasks, Freshservice will blow you away.

8. Whatfix

Learning how to handle new management tasks, especially those that seem completely foreign to your current skill set, can be a huge headache. Thankfully, Whatfix is an amazing new tool that provides interactive, easy-to-understand walkthroughs that make the process of learning new technology, software, and management strategies simpler than ever before. Even more impressively, Whatfix is designed in a way that personalizes the onboarding and training programs it offers for your current skill level.

Optimize Your Leadership Strategy

Each of these eight incredible management tools can help you optimize your leadership strategy in 2022. With the right grit and determination, you’ll revolutionize the way you, and your team members, approach doing business.

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