Before we get started, it has to be said there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the odd alcoholic beverage, as long as it’s done responsibly. Essentially, this means understanding the guidelines and health implications of alcohol, and being mindful of those when you do have a drink.

Understand The Health Impacts Of Alcohol

Alcohol can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, but it’s essential to understand the effects it has on the body. To reduce the chance of causing lasting harm to your body, it’s recommended to follow the US dietary guidelines for alcohol, which state an intake of no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

Even small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, but following the guidelines puts you in a much greater position. Excessive drinking will increase your risk of injuries, and accidents and is more likely to leave you with a hangover. If you drink excessive amounts regularly, your body will be at risk of developing the following health issues:

  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Brain damage
  • Mental illness
  • Cancer

The most well-known health issue related to drinking is liver disease, which refers to a range of different conditions including cirrhosis. To find out more, read this article about Alcohol Addiction & Your Liver.

Keeping Track of the Amount Of Alcohol

When you’re out enjoying a drink, it’s easy to get carried away and have more than you intended. Typically, drinks in restaurants will contain one standard drink, which makes it easier to keep track of. Decide on a limit before you go out, count drinks as you have them, and make sure you stick to your guns in the face of peer pressure.

Avoid Drink-Centered Games

Countless games involve drinking, and certainly not responsibly. For example, “Ring of Fire” involves drawing a card and following the drinking rules, which results in a pint glass filled with four equal parts (of different drinks) and downed by the “loser”. When you’re drinking responsibly and safeguarding your health, it’s important to avoid activities that lead to binge drinking, which many people have done without realizing.

Never Drink And Drive

Many countries have set limits for safe blood/alcohol while driving, which is 0.8% in the US. However, there are no real safe amounts because the smallest impairment can have devastating consequences. If you choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, you’re more likely to be involved in a collision, which causes danger to yourself and others. Additionally, if you’re caught behind the wheel exceeding the blood/alcohol limit, you’ll face a DUI (drinking under the influence) charge.

Avoid drunk driving by arranging alternative transport before you begin drinking.


Drinking alcohol can be fun, but too much of it has a devastating impact on yourself and those around you. Whenever you go out for a drink, keep track of how much you have and remember the health issues you may cause; learning how to say no may save your life.

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