Al Haymon Net Worth = $15 Million

Al Haymon is one of those people who make much money in the boxing world, and the stars of the boxing world know him well, but fans typically don't. He lurks in the background as a manager and a promoter of boxers. He faces a lot of heat and criticism because he is both a manager and a promoter. Doing both jobs is frowned upon. 

The truth is that the boxers work with him because he makes them more money and allows them to fight less. The people with the cash love him because he has access to all of the top talent. The result is impressive fights and keeping the sport alive

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Al Haymon Net Worth and Key Habits 

Al Haymon lurks in the shadows of the boxing world. He does not do interviews or have a podcast on social media to promote his brand. You will not find him quotes or writing books or any of that stuff. Al Haymon wants to promote fights and make sure his clients get the best. This is so untypical in our society today, where everything seems to be about self-promotion. 

The habit of staying low key has serious advantages today. The first is the ability to focus on the work that matters most. The second is that you always get to maintain your privacy. Fame is not for everyone. You need to know if you are the type of person that wants to make an impact, but that does not require recognition. 

Habit #2 - Make It a Win/Win

Al Haymon is controversial, and many think he is bad for boxing. The reason he has thrived though he because he creates win/win situations. He makes sure that everyone gets what they want. He makes sure the TVs get the viewers they want for a price they are willing to pay; the venues get paid, he makes sure that the boxers get paid, and lastly, he allows the whole sport to be promoted on a higher level.

Too many people take an attitude of us vs. them. The problem with seeing people as competition instead of looking for Cooperation is the fact that it makes you try to be the winner. The best business deals are win-win situations where everyone gets what they want. The better you are at making sure everyone wins, the more successful you will be.

Habit #3 - Know The Game

The one thing that helped the Al Haymon net worth more than anything else is his commitment to know the business. He has succeeded as a boxing promoter and manager because he knows the business. He knows everything about boxing and the activity of the sport. It does not take talent to do this. You have to make an effort.

Anyone can learn from this habit. Spend time every day, learning more about the industry that you are in. The more you learn, the more opportunity you will be able to see and the more of an advantage that you will have over others.

Summary of The Al Haymon Net Worth and Key Habits


Stay Behind the Scenes


Make it a Win/Win


Know the Game 

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