Everyone nowadays is using their laptops and PCs to access video content and it has become more common to watch platforms like streaming services on the go than sitting in a living room. Because of this, many people rely on the power of downloading services in order to get the highest quality videos to watch at any time and in any place. 

If you have heard of VPNs before, this premium service may be your next move in order to access all of the content that you want while still getting it in high definition. If you have never heard of Real Debrid before, read below to get a brief synopsis of how it works and if it is right for you and your viewing needs.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a service that you can subscribe to that allows users to download any files that they want without any restrictions. It must be paired with an internet add-on like a VPN in order to work because it is not a stand-alone app. The reason why it must be paired with a VPN is because VPNs are able to hide your personal information like your email, IP address, and location so that when you download videos from anywhere on the internet, your information won’t get into the wrong hands.

The main purpose of Real Debrid is to deliver high-quality streaming or downloaded video content to your devices or your HD television so that you can get the best viewing experience possible. Not only will it deliver high definition, but you will no longer need to sit through painful buffering periods because the videos will be downloaded at the highest quality.  

What is Real Debrid Compatible With?

Real Debrid is a premium service that was created to work with other services to deliver the highest-quality content. Because of this, there are several reliable VPN services for Real Debrid that complement the service and provide endless content and entertainment. Popular VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark are among the best to pair with Real Debrid, but as long as you have some kind of VPN installed on your TV or device, then you should be able to use Real Debrid with no problems.

Benefits of Using Real Debrid

For day-to-day life, there are many benefits of using Real Debrid. From watching TV shows on your morning commute to streaming Blockbuster movies at home, there is never a bad time to watch high-quality video content. Never again will you sit down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a movie then wait ten minutes for it to load. With Real Debrid, the film will be completely loaded and will stream at the highest possible quality that your TV will allow. 

You also won’t have to worry about your streaming being interrupted if you are watching something on your commute to work. Commuters encounter connectivity issues when they are on the bus or riding the underground. With this premium service, that is a thing of the past. If used correctly, Real Debrid will provide fully downloaded videos without any pauses or connectivity issues. 

Another great benefit of adding Real Debrid to your VPN is that you can access content on certain streaming platforms that have lower-quality streaming and you will be able to watch things without any problems. Real Debrid brings high-quality content while the VPN prevents the streaming platforms from taking any of your private information. They are a match made in heaven.

How To Set Up Real Debrid

The first thing you have to do in order to set up Real Debrid is to visit their website and pick a plan. There are different payment choices based on how many days of the service you want. If you just want to test out Real Debrid, then you can choose the first tier of payment which only lasts for fifteen days. Once the days are up and you are satisfied with the service, then you can choose to pay for more days. The highest package lasts for 180 days.

Once you choose the number of days you want to have the service, then you can create an account and log in. After that, all you have to do is add the Real Debrid extension to your streaming apps and start watching the shows and movies you love.

Although watching TV shows and movies has changed over the decades, you can still get the high-quality movie theater experience from home with Real Debrid paired with a VPN. if this premium service interests you, try it out and see the difference.

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