Andy Ruiz Jr Net Worth = $10 Million

Andy Ruiz Jr is An American born Mexican boxer. Born and raised in California to immigrant parents, Ruiz, at just six years old, started boxing. One year later, the young boxer had his first fight.

The fighter made a name for himself with his lightning-quick hands. But Because of his build, opponents often underestimated him. However, his competitors were in for a surprise after the bell rung.

One opponent that can attest to this is British Boxer Anthony Joshua. Joshua learned, after his loss, that Ruiz is not only quick but also packs a powerful punch. 

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Andy Ruiz Jr.


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Quotes - Andy Ruiz Jr. Net Worth and Key Habits 

“I know AJ, I know he wants his belts back, I know he does, I know how it feels to lose. I lost against Joseph Parker, when I thought I won the fight. And he could bounce back. But my job is for him not to win. For him not to get these belts back. - Andy Ruiz

“I’ve been through so many roller coasters in my life, so many doubters in my life telling me I wasn’t gonna do nothing just because of my appearance, the way I look. But at least I think I’m proof – where people can say man, if he did it, I can do it. And they could. Long as you train hard, you dedicate yourself, and you believe what you want to do. - Andy Ruiz

“What I believe on December 7 is that the same results are gonna happen. I’m gonna train my ass off, God’s on my side, and we’re gonna win.” - Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz Jr Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Make The Most of The Situation 

Andy Ruiz Jr. was forced into boxing by his father, Ruiz Sr., at the tender age of 6. Ruiz Sr. decided that his son would not subscribe to other American sports- boxing was the only way.  So at age 7, Ruiz fought his first fight.

It's not easy to be pushed into a sport and stay with it for as long as Ruiz Jr. has. His commitment to the sport and training has influenced his net worth greatly.

Sometimes life will put you in a situation that is far from ideal. Perhaps this situation was thrust upon you. You have the power to flip this scenario toward your favor. 

You have to learn how to make lemonade when life gives you lemons. Successful people use anything that life throws at them and makes the most of it.

Habit #2 - Overcome The Naysayers

Andy Ruiz Jr.'s net worth would not be where it is today if he didn't silence the naysayers. Some said he was too fat. Others judged his ability to compete. While he has struggled with eating healthy and toning his physique, he still finds a way to win.

Sometimes you have just to shut out the noise, put your head down and grind. Everyone loves to say what you can't do based on this or that. Don't count yourself out. It's possible to use what makes you different to your advantage.

Habit #3 - Be Patient 

Contrary to popular belief, Ruiz's physique and style bode well for him in the ring. By using his size and being patient, Ruiz can get into the heads of his opponents.

He can take more blows than most, sitting back and absorbing every punch. Then when the time is right, he lets his hands go. Ruiz successfully applies his patience and poise to help him shine. Further surprising naysayers. 

Timing is just as important as showing up. Sometimes people bring great ideas to the world, but the world is not ready. It takes discipline and skill to wait and attack at just the right time. It's hard, but as evidenced by Andy Ruiz Jr.'s story, it is possible.

Summary - Andy Ruiz Jr. Net Worth and Key Habits


Make the Most of Every Opportunity 


Overcome the Naysayers


Be Patient 

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