Complaining does nothing to change a situation or move it forward. Sometimes we need a bit of time to gripe to get the words and emotion off of our chest. Give yourself a day, and then it's back to the grind. The grind is the action you need to take to change what you are whining about in the first place. Let's say you are complaining about your boss.

The more you talk about it, the more emotional you get and the worse you feel about your job. The alternative is you can get back to the grind and work on improving your skills. Work to be so good at what you do that you become irreplaceable in the eyes of your boss. You do all that, and your boss doesn't care. It may not be the best place to work, get back to the grind and start getting your resume out there. The point is that winning does not come from whining; it comes from the grind and an increase in productivity

Complaining does nothing to change a situation or move it forward. Sometimes we need a bit of time to gripe to get the words and emotion off of our chest.

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Back to The Grind in The Dark

Instagram has made it cool to grind when the bright lights are shinning. You can go to the gym once and let your followers know. You can start writing your book and let your followers know all about it. These are not bad things, but when its time for you to get back to the grind, remember that the real work happens in the dark.

The darkness is a blessing when you are in grind mode. The reason its a benefit is because it allows you to focus on preparation with the pressure. If you get the lights on you too early, you will embarrass yourself. The best dancers need time to rehearse before the show. Athletes spend countless hours practicing with no cameras in front of them. It's in the darkness that the confidence for the bright light arises.

You have to be ready for the lights! The possibility of the light is what should inspire you to get back to the grind less talking about what you are going to do and more putting in that work. Less being mad about what others are doing and more enjoyment of the process.

The Easy Work is Not Worth It

In life, there are always people on the search for the smoothest path possible. If they get offered a job, the first question they are asking them is "how easy will this job be?" These people go from thing to thing on the search for that thing that is easy but also has high returns. There is a reason that cashiers at McDonald's don't make a million dollars a year. If they did, everyone would be a cashier.

Are you still searching for easy things? Do you want your workouts to be easy? Are you hoping the test at school and that tests of life will be easy? Smooth leaves us with no improvement. The difficulty is what provides the chisel of for the sculptor. You are a piece of art, but you're far from finished! The sculptor of life still must chisel away the excess stuff that is not needed. The hard moments of life do that. Sometimes to increase your productivity you need to know what to get ride of from your life. 

The value is always in the hard things. Muscles go from difficulty and stress. They see that they are still facing some challenges, and they decide to grow to meet these demands. All the growth you seek works the same way. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will step up.

Obstacles Represent Opportunities

When you get back to the grind, life will not hand over everything that you want. There is going to be competition and obstacles that drop in your way from random places. Life has a way of testing to see how bad you want what you say you do. If you prove yourself to be unworthy, then life will reward someone else.

These obstacles will be facing you regularly. You can turn from them or avoid them in any way. They will show up in another form on a new day until you pass the test. The way to beat them is to get back on the grind. You outwork your obstacles you out-think them. Barriers expect you to get scared and whimper away to something new. Constraints want you to keep running, thinking that you can get away.

When great people face obstacles, they take charge! They first look for a way over or under; then they bulldoze right through. It's about having an attitude and knowing that no matter what there is no stopping you. You will not see defeat, and the only thing that can get you to back down is death itself.

Reject The Easy Complaining

The easy thing to do when shown an obstacle is to gripe, groan, and complain to anyone who will listen. Some people are so bad at this that they become leaders of gossip and complaining groups that do this all day. If you have gotten this bad, you will know because you never once look for a solution. Your mind becomes laser-focused on venting and never getting better. Avoid the easy route!

The hard route screams get back to the grind until your situation changes. The hard route does not even entertain the gossip of others because it is a waste of time. Instead of gossip friends, your new friend becomes a discipline. You have the discipline to attack your craft with persistence and focus. There is no time for anything else.

The grind is sexy today. People often talk about it, and the ones who seem to say they are on their grind the most are usually talking. Doing this is taking the easy road. You trick yourself into thinking that you are walking the more harder path. Deep down, you know you are NOT!  The grind is always focusing, and it is doing the most critical work at that time.

A Great Tool to Get Back on The Grind

Habit Stacker is a mobile app that allows you to track critical habits. Your habits are the elements that make up your grind. Your habits help you to achieve your goals, and your goals help you to live out your mission. They are essential because if you don't have your habits on the lock, you will not surpass your goal. It's hard to know how your habits are doing if you don't track them daily. We are never accurate in how we assess our behavior. We always think we are better than we are.

Habit Stacker has a built-in journal, and goal reviewer so you can stay on top of those habits right through the app. The app will organize all your habits based on the time of day they should be complete. You then will receive a routine list in order. You know you got back to the grind because are your habits have green checks. Increase your productivity and results and get stuff done. 

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