Brock Lesnar Net Worth = $28 Million

Broke Lesnar is an accomplished American WWE wrestler.  He used to be an football player and also has had many high profile MMA matches.

Lesnar joined the WWE in 2000 and gained popularity after becoming a champion at the age of 25 years. 

Lesnar's wrestling career received a huge boost in 2000 when he officially joined the World Wrestling Federation. He started his career by fighting in tag team matches where he won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship three times.

Lesnar continued to shine and he later defeated WWE champion, ‘The Rock’ to become the youngest ever WWE Champion. He stopped wrestling in 2004 to participate in the National Football League. Brock played for the Minnesota Vikings before joining the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy.  

Lesnar won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2014 and WWE Universal Championship in 2017. He joined the UFC Heavyweight class after leaving WWE and has made a great name for himself in that world as well.  

Lesnar has a net worth of approximately $28 million as of 2021. 

Full Name

Source of Wealth

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Brock Edward Lesnar


MMA Fighter

WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown

United States 


Quotes - Brock Lesnar Net Worth and Key Habits

“I'm a big believer in living out your dreams and facing your fears.”

-Broke Lesnar

“It takes some balls to live life to the fullest.”

-Broke Lesnar

“There are lots of risks, but without risks, there's no reward. I think the reward is bigger than the risk.”

Broke Lesnar

“Never been in the habit to look back.”

-Broke Lesnar

“Life for me has always been about timing, and it was bad timing for that disease to hit me; it was time to exit stage.”

Broke Lesnar

“I was always fascinated by strength. Arnold was an idol of mine.”

-Broke Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Go for Money Not Titles

Lesnar is on record for saying that he fights for money and not titles. Titles cannot pay bills or make him richer. According to Lesnar, he prefers fights that pay well and not those that are famed with little pay. That is why he left WWE for MMA.

The problem with many young people is that they love titles more than money. For instance, some people would prefer to work as a manager and earn less than work as a farmer and earn more. Successful people do not choose jobs; they choose opportunities where they can make more money.

Habit #2: Learn to Face your Fears

Fear is a big hindrance to success. Lesnar does not allow fear to overcome him because he knows the nature of his career.

You cannot be a good fighter if you have fears or doubts about anything. Lesnar believes that he could not have become a champion in WWE at the age of 25 years if he did not learn to face his fears.

You cannot go far in life if you fear making mistakes or to take challenging opportunities.  Some of the things that you fear doing can change your life for good.  

Life is about taking chances and dealing with consequences. Always remember that everyone has fears but successful people learn how to deal with them better.                 

Habit #3: Have an Idol to Motivate You

Brock Lesnar gets encouragement from other fighters who have managed to take their career to the top. One of the key people that motivated Lesnar to become a fighter is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He loved watching his movies because he was full of energy.

It is good to have an idol at both personal and career levels. Look for a person that has accomplished that you would like to achieve and follow his/her steps. Chances are you will excel in life if you strive to be better than your idol.

Brock Lesnar Net Worth

Summary - Brock Lesnar Net Worth and Key Habits


Go for Money Not Titles


Learn to Face your Fears


Have an Idol to Motivate You

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