Chris Tucker Net Worth = $-11.5 Million

Chris Tucker built his net worth as an actor and comedian. He is best known for his roles in Friday and the Rush Hour Trilogy.

In the 90s he got his break as a Def Jam comedian and used his success there to get into acting like most comedians. Tucker had been making jokes from a young age and saw it as a great way to bring attention to himself.

Tucker has a negative net worth due to poor financial decisions and bad accounting practices. He has a large debt with the IRS. 

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Chris Tucker



Rush Hour



Rush Hour 2
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Quotes - Chris Tucker Net Worth and Key Habits

1. “You got to control your own destiny. You got to keep writing different stuff. Keep switching up and never do the same thing too many times.” Chris Tucker

2. “Comedy comes from a place of hurt. Charlie Chaplin was starving and broke in London, and that’s where he got his character ‘the tramp’ from. It’s a bad situation that he transformed into a comedic one.” Chris Tucker

3. “I told a joke and people laughed and it was the best feeling. I knew I wanted to do this as a career. I never knew I could get such a high from telling a joke. There’s something so extraordinary about having people listening to you and hanging onto your words – it’s a great feeling.” Chris Tucker

4. “Day-to-day life is a lot of work. I work a lot on stand-up stuff, and then day-to-day life and, you know, just living. It’s always different. Try to work out, try to stay in shape, and try to have some fun.” Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Do Something Different 

Chris Tucker is well known for his roles in Friday and Rush Hour. Both were movies that no one expected to be as successful as they were. Friday was a movie written by rapper Ice Cube, who no one knew could write movie scripts. 

Yet he put together an amazing script for the movie and it gave a lot of people their big break. Rush Hour was a movie about a Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan teaming up. No one knew their chemistry would be so great. 

Don't be scared to try new things, even if other people don't think it will work. No one can tell the future and sometimes success comes from the most unexpected of places. People who make history rarely play it by the rules. 

Habit #2 - Develop Great Friendships 

Chris Tucker is known to be great friends with Jackie Chan and was also great friends with the late Michael Jackson. He understands the value of relationships and having great people in your corner.

Throughout his  career he has made the time to build deep relationships with the people he works with. It has paid off and given him something that money can never earn. 

As you're on your path to success don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Their is beauty in the journey and a lot of that beauty comes from the friendships you build in life.

When you are on your deathbed you may or may not remember the things you did, but you will  remember the people you met along the way. 

Habit #3 - Follow Your Dream 

When Chris was 19, he decided to move to LA to chase his dream. It takes guts to do that. When you're friends are deciding what college they are going to go to or what jobs they will be accepting, he was figuring out how to get to LA.

If it were not for the strong courage to follow his dream and move like that, there would be no Rush Hour today. 

You have a dream in you, and you have to make sure you go after it. You owe that to yourself.  You don't want to look back on your life and regret settling for average. If you feel like your life is calling you to more why not answer that call? Why not find out if you got what it takes? 

Rush Hour
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Summary - Chris Tucker Net Worth and Key Habits


Do Something Different 


Build Great Relationships 


Follow Your Dream 

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