Christina Anstead Net Worth = $6 Million

Christina Anstead (formerly Christina El Moussa) came to popularity from the show Flip or Flop. In the show, Anstead and her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, traveled around LA looking for properties they could buy and flip for sale. Viewers bought into the drama surrounding whether the couple would successfully flip or tragically flop. The show was an instant hit on HGTV. 

Anstead and El Moussa were smacked during the 2008 real estate crash and recession. They went from living a pretty comfortable life in a home to moving into an apartment because of their losses.

El Moussa had a brilliant idea to film this life transition and uses it as an audition kit for HGTV. The producers loved it and signed the couple. Soon the show Flip or Flop was formally born. Anstead utilized her interior design skills to beautify the homes that El Moussa secured and renovated.

The couple divorced in 2017 after having their first child. Anstead has since remarried and is working on her second show, Christina, on the Coast, which will feature her remodeling her new home and a few others.

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Christina Anstead Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Act On Your Ideas

Flip or Flop would have never seen success had El Moussa sat on his idea. The couple was not wealthy before the pitch. In reality, they had gone bust in the 2008 crash, but this didn't stop them. They dared to use their tragedy, packaged it up nicely, and sold it. It is crazy to think that their downfall ended up working in their favor. When the show first started, the couples had no liquid assets to purchase the homes. They were able to secure a few investors who were willing to loan them money to start the process. This show changed their lives forever.

What ideas are you sitting on? Action is a habit you can develop.  When they come to mind, don't procrastinate. Find a way to make it a reality. You never know what could happen. Christina Anstead's net worth would not be what it is today had they not sprung into action early.

Habit #2 - Bounce Back

The difference between success and failure is often a story of perspective. After the couple lost most of their money in 2008, they could have left real estate.  It would have been understandable for the couple to hang their heads, but they didn't. Instead, they looked ahead and took control of the future.

For most people, failure is a signal that what they were pursuing wasn't meant to be. Sometimes that is true. Other times, this is the exact time you should saddle up-This was the mindset of the couple. They believed this was a minor setback and decided to stay in the real estate game. Every flop turned into a learning opportunity. After every delay, they managed to bounce back.

Anyone can learn this habit. When you fail, what do you do? Do you throw in the towel and sulk? Or do you find a way to learn for your failure and bounce back? If they had quit, they would have missed out on their calling and millions of dollars.

Habit #3 - Pay Attention to Details

Christina Anstead was an invaluable member of the team because of her attention to detail. She was diligent in conducting research and finding gems.

Anstead was a visionary. She had an uncanny ability to walk into a home and see the potential in it. Home inspections were thorough- she left no stone unturned.

Anstead went through every inch of the house, dotting all 'i's' and crossing every 't' to ensure they could squeeze every dollar possible out of the flip.

You have to be a student of the game if you decide to play. If you don't have an accurate understanding of the rules, you will never be able to perform well. Baseline knowledge isn't enough. It would be best if you did your research, paid attention to the details, the nuances, and used your unique values to capitalize on every idea.

Summary - Christina Anstead Net Worth and Key Habits


Act On Your Ideas 


Keep Your Composure


Be Confident 

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