Coolio Net Worth = $100,000

Coolio is an American rapper that rose to fame quickly with his hit song Gangster's Paradise. The song won him a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. Coolio was at the pinnacle of his career as he also appeared on the Space Jam Album, which is one of the 20 best movie soundtracks ever to be made. 

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Artis Leon Ivey


Gangsta's Paradise



Quotes - The Coolio Net Worth and Key Habits

“Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.”
-- Coolio

“Because I'm a young black man driving a really nice, expensive car, I sometimes get harassed when I'm rolling through a ghetto neighborhood.”
-- Coolio

“Life is full of hardships, pimp slaps, and sorrow.”
-- Coolio

“I'm as good as anybody out there lyrically and conceptually and can go toe to toe with the best of them throughout history.”
-- Coolio

“I can't live a normal life, I was raised by the streets.”
-- Coolio

Coolio Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Don't Do What They Expect

Coolio's first album "It Takes a Theif" was an excellent warm-up for what was coming with Gangsters Paradise a year later. People love the album because it was humorous, and it took a different approach to the typical violent gangsta rap of the 90s. 

Coolio was never scared to do things unexpectedly. His music stood out because he did not just get in line and do what everyone else was doing. He built the habit of looking to see how he could be different. Sometimes this got him in trouble, but he was always willing to try.

Habit #2 - Remake Yourself

After decades of rapping and living off his Grammy-winning son Gangster's Paradise, he decided to remake himself. The problem with Rap is that it's a young man's game. It is hard to stay relevant in the Rap game after you turn 40 because the things you want to rap about are just not related anymore.

Coolio decided to start cooking. He re branded himself as a chef, knowing that he could do this for the rest of his life. It was a smart move because he was not able to put out a hit song in a very long time, and it was holding him back. Cooking gave him a reason to be rooted for by his fans again.

Habit #3 - Use Unique Branding

Everyone knows Coolio for his wacky hairstyles. Even as he has grown older and began to bald, he has not let go of the hairstyle, and its a smart move. Even as a cook, people identify him by his hair. When you see Coolio's hair, you automatically know who it is. If he gets rid of the hair, he will become irrelevant because no one will be able to identify him.

He made a genius move by rebranding his career but still making sure people would know who he is as a Chef. The lesson here is to get into the habit of paying attention to your branding. Always look to add to your brand.

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Summary - Coolio Net Worth and Key Habits


Do The Unexpected


Remake Yourself


Use Unique Branding 

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