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David Banner is a rapper known for his hit SMASH record "Like a Pimp." Banner, the Mississippi native, is credited for releasing one of the best songs to ever come out of the south. Currently, he is an activist for the black community taking pride in educating people on the struggles of black folk and the history of his people.

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Quotes - David Banner Net Worth and Key Habits 

"Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a workaholic... I am just going to use this time while I am shooting the film to really rest. I am totally focused on acting because that has always been my dream. After we are done shooting, I am planning on starting he European tour to promote Certified and dive back into the swing of things with music."
-David Banner

"I'm glad Kanye said what he said on NBC. The president never gave a damn about black folks."
-David Banner

"I actually think I'll do a lot better in the movies than in the music situations."
-David Banner

"Artists who've had big problems with each other came together today, hugged and said, 'We gonna come together and make this happen.'"
-David Banner

"I think Hurricane Katrina has exposed America for what it is ... I think it's bigger than black and white. I think it has a lot more to do with rich and poor. We've always known that America is a racially driven country. We front like it's all good, but we know the levels of racism that are in America. It shows that America doesn't give a damn about people in the hood, period."
-David Banner

David Banner Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Stand for Something

David Banner speaks his mind and stands up for the black community. He has not subjected himself to being a puppet in the rap game. Instead, he uses his voice to raise awareness. Banner feels the music industry is continuously under scrutiny- consistently called out for lyrics being hateful and violent. Regardless of how controversial the matter, Banner is willing to stand up and speak the truth.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything. You have to know when its time to rise up. If you always go with the flow, you will never really find your voice or author your individual experience.

Habit #2 - Put In More Work

David Banner is known for having a sick work ethic. It doesn't matter if he is making music, acting, or working on activism; he gives 110% EVERY TIME! He is the person that everyone wants to work with because they don't have to guess with him.

Banner's reputation often precedes him because of the level of his effort, energy, and intention to pull everyone up with him.  David Banner's Net Worth is worth has risen to $13 Million because of his grind. 

Hard work does not always guarantee success, but it increases your chances-It's the one thing you can control. While you can't control what other people do or say, you can control the effort that you give.

Habit #3 - Know Your History 

The one thing that has always been impressive about  Banner is how deeply he knows history. Most people readily accept information passed through generations as truth but not Banner. There is no myth or legend that he hasn't further examined.

The history of black people in America is a tricky one- it is inconclusive. The account that is highlighted is an oppressive one, slavery. The successes, not much reported.

David Banner was one of the first celebrities to use his platform to spread the truth about where black people come from. He is evidence that anyone can learn their history and use it to educate and empower people.

Summary - David Banner Net Worth and Key Habits


Stand for Something


Put in More Work


Remake Yourself 

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