Davido Net Worth = $16 Million

David is considered to be one of the best at making afrobeats in the whole world. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer. He had the advantage of being born in the USA but being of Nigerian descent. He has been able to send his music back and forth between the two countries, helping to increase his reach. 

He has a slew of songs responsible for helping him to rise in stardom. In 2016 he officially signed with Sony Studios, and his fans knew that it was time for this artist's career to take off. It is after that that the Davido Net Worth started to grow as well. He has the longest-charting billboard song ever for an artist from Nigeria. 

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Davido Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1 - Mix It Up 

David has been able to rise because he mixes up his USA rap culture with his African music that he grew up around in Lagos. His ability to mix the two flavors has created something unique, and it has been catching on around the world. Afrobeats used to be a unique niche that few listened to. Davido learned how to get the right mix of cultures to bring music that sounded familiar to the ear but yet still different.

You have to develop the habit of mixing it up in life. The things that make you different can be used as your greatest strength. You don't need to hide or try and fit in. See what you want and attack it in the best way your know-how.

Habit #2 - Stay Consistent 

The Davido Net Worth began to rise when he started making music in 2011, but most people did not hear of him until he won the BET award in 2017. He went years going unnoticed before he finally was able to put his name on the map. HE was able to do this because he has to stay consistent. He continued to put out music and collab with other artists, and he never stopped going after this.

No matter what you are doing, make it a habit to show up and work on it every single day no matter what. There are no excuses for not showing up. You can't control how people respond, the weather, or very many other things in life. But you can manage your ability to show up every day.

Habit #3 - Use Tragedy 

Davido lost a few of his friends all in the same year. He was torn up over this tragedy, and to make matters worse; some were mentioning his name as a suspect in the cases. It was not until the police cleared his name that he could finally exhale. Many thought it was going to be the end of his short career.

He used all of the tragedy as fuel and got right back to making music. Where most people would be bitter and upset and still heartbroken. He found a way to turn his pain into the hustle. He found a way to grind it out, and he put out some of the best music of his life. Life will knock you down, but you must decide to get back up.

Summary - Davido Net Worth and Key Habits 


Mix It Up


Stay Consistent


Use Tragedy

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