David Tepper Net Worth = $12 Billion

David Tepper is a hugely successful businessman. He started his career as a credit analyst for Goldman Sachs, making it all the way to possibly being a partner. After being rejected twice by Goldman Sachs, he decided to quit and start his hedge fund. Appaloosa Management quickly became a success, and in 2001, David Tepper and his investors celebrated a 61% return, which put 4 billion dollars in David Tepper's pocket.

Following this success in 2009, he has the opportunity to purchase a 5% stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers, which he did only to have the chance to be a principal owner of an NFL team in 2018 when he purchased the Carolina Panthers for 2.2 billion dollars. This purchase forced him to sell his 5% stake in the Steelers. He has made it very clear that he intends to keep the Panther in the Carolina's.

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David Alan Tepper

Hedge fund manager

Carolina Panther Ower



Quotes - David Tepper Net Worth and Key Habits 

We don’t really buy high-flyers. We buy before they get high-flyers. -David Tepper

I think people should be self-reliant. You should work and be self-sufficient. That’s what I did. - David Tepper

Markets adapt. People Adapt - David Tepper

Replaying losses in your head is the only way you learn from your mistakes.-David Tepper

I am the animal at the head of the pack... I either get eaten, or I get the good grass.- David Tepper

David Tepper Net Worth and Key Habits 

Habit #1: Learn From Failures

You do not go through life without having some form of failure strike you down. It is just a natural part of life. The failures themselves do not matter. Whether big or small is neither here nor there. It is how you move forward from them.

It is how you flow past those failures on the river of life. Learn the lessons from the crash and move forward toward new things.

Habit #2: Be Ethical and Honest

As a human being, you know what is good and what is evil. The difference between right and wrong.

It would help if you always were ethical and honest in your decisions in business and life. Just because you know you can gain an advantage by behaving unethically and dishonestly does not make it OK to do so.

You will be seen and found out in one way or another. Stay on the straight and narrow and operate as a human should.

Habit #3: Be Confident In Your Instinct

David Tepper is a hedge fund manager and managed billions of dollars of other people's money. He has peoples lively hoods in his hands. But more than that, he has spent most of his life learning about markets, understanding trends, and benefiting personally from his instincts.

You need to trust your training. You need to understand that the things you are feeling are generally there for a reason. Your instinct is formed from your practice and accumulation of knowledge. Trust it.








Hired At Goldman Sachs

Starts Appaloosa Management

Generates 61% Return. Gains $4b in personal wealth

Purchases 5% Stake In Steelers

Sells Steelers stake and purchases Carolina Panthers For 2.2 billion

Summary - David Tepper Net Worth and Key Habits


Learn From Failure


Be Ethical and Honest


Be Confident In Your Instinct

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