Donald Trump Net Worth = $3.1 Billion

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. He is a real estate mogul and also a famous reality television celebrity. He was born in 1946 in Queens, New York. He is known as the great developer, because he took on the legacy his father started in the real estate business. 

He built huge projects in Manhattan, New York. Trump gained a lot of fame from his NBC reality show “The Apprentice”. He showed his interest in politics after announcing the candidacy for president in 2015, and he won the republican seat in 2016. He was sworn in as president of the United States of America in 2017. His net worth is $3.1 Billion.

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Donald Trump


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“The Apprentice”




Trump: The Art of the Deal
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Quotes - Donald Trump Net Worth and Key Habits

“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” - Donald Trump

“Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.”- Donald Trump

“Together, We will make America strong again. We will make wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will make America great again. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America”. - Donald Trump

“I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big”. - Donald Trump

“When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us, 'How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity”. –Donald Trump

“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” - Donald Trump

“If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead, make your work more pleasurable.” -Donald Trump

“Criticism is easier to take when you realize that the only people who aren’t criticized are those who don’t take risks.” - Donald Trump

“It is time to show the whole world that America is back – bigger and better and stronger than ever before.” - Donald Trump

Donald Trump Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Know What You Want

Donald Trump has always been decisive with what he wants in life. He has gone bankrupt and bounced back from it like it was nothing. He decided he was going to be the president of the United States and he managed to pull it off. Any area of life that Trump wants to be successful, he finds a way to make it happen. 

You have to have a clear direction for where you want to go in life. If you don't, life will drag you any direction and there is nothing you can do about it. When you are clear on where you want to be, its easy to know if you're heading in the wrong direction or not. 

Habit #2: Get It All Done

Trump has been able to get so much done with his life. Being the president of the world’s most powerful country, while managing to run many different businesses he has. He stays close to his family and involves them in all his opportunities. Trump has authored books, and done so many other things with his life. He finds a way to keep getting things done. 

You have to be the type of person that gets things done. Don't just be a talker. When Trump said he was going to be president, everyone thought he was just talking but all along he had a plan. Find a way to get more done with your life. If you can get a little more done each day, those small wins begin to add up into something much bigger. 

Habit #3: Aggressiveness and Passion

Trump is seen as an aggressive personality. His attitude towards making America great is a good example of his aggressiveness. On the other hand, he is willing to take major risks and find a way to get himself in win-win situations. His aggression comes from his inability to deal with losing or things not going his way. He bluntly calls others losers. Hate him or love him, trump knows how to connect that passion with a certain audience in America and that was why he became president. 

If you don't take risks in life you will never get anywhere in life. Trump has been successful because he was willing to bet the farm and go big. He dominated real estate by taking risks. He became a reality TV star by making the jump to TV and then he shocked the world by becoming the president. You have to let your passion lead the way, and then you have to find a way to go all in for what you want. 

Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story of His Presidency
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Summary - Donald Trump Net Worth and Key Habits


Know What You Want


Get It All Done


Let Your Passion Shine 

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