G Herbo Net Worth = $ 3 Million

G Herbo is an American rapper and  songwriter. The young star has released several mixtapes under the Machine Entertainment Group. 

G Herbo was a member of the NLMB gang that is notorious for causing violence within Chicago neighborhoods. However, he left the gang and he is currently a full-time rapper.

He started his music career by collaborating with his childhood friend Lil Bobby to release his single ' Kill Shit'. The song did very well  so he decided to make some more music. G Herbo also produced several Mixtapes that made him a national star. 

He has also collaborated with musicians such as Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj. His first album, ' Welcome to Fazoland' did well and he released a studio album titled ' Humble Beast'. The budding rapper is doing pretty well and he is expected to release more hit songs and albums in the future.  

G Herbo has a net worth of approximately $3 million as of 2021.

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Herbert Randall Wright III


Kill Shit

United States 


Quotes - G Herbo Net Worth and Key Habits

“I don't really say or consider myself that like I won't say, "yeah I'm the best, yeah I'm the hottest."

-G Herbo

“Just the way I carry my swag and I'm humble with it too.”

-G Herbo

I might feel like one day is one of my best performances ever and I may top that performance or I may just pace myself for the next 5 shows. Rather I'm giving them a good show it will always be a solid same show so it always depends on my energy.

-G Herbo

G Herbo Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Be Willing to Learn

G Herbo is on record for saying that he does not consider himself to be a superstar yet.  On the contrary, he considers himself as a student who is yet to learn more from those who have been in the industry before him.

The rapper says that he could not have reached where he is today if he did not learn from accomplished rappers that he looked up. He believes he has a lot more learning from them to do. 

You can grow if you are ready to learn from those ahead of you. Remember that no person is all-knowing and the more you learn, the more you nurture your skills. All you have to do is to identify people that you share goals with and humble yourself enough to learn from them. 

Habit #2: Do Your Best

G Herbo prefers to give his fans a show that they can remember for the rest of their lives when given an opportunity to do so.

He understands that one day he will have no energy to perform or produce hit songs. Therefore, he uses every opportunity to give his fans top-notch entertainment.

Successful people are perfectionists. They use every opportunity that they have to accomplish their goals. You cannot achieve more by giving a mediocre effort.

It's good to push yourself and give your best in everything you do. That's the only way you can stand out from others.

Habit #3: Join Forces

G Herbo credits his success to the fact that he works with the right people. For instance, he has collaborated with several artists to release hit songs. One of the people that G Herbo has great respect for is Lil Bibby. The two have worked on several projects together and their chemistry is always great.

One of the easiest approaches for accomplishing big things is by joining forces with like-minded people. Why walk the journey to success alone when you can team up with other people and walk together? Look for people that you share goals with and combine efforts to achieve more.

Summary - G Herbo Net Worth and Key Habits


Be willing to learn


Give it your best when you can


Join forces with the right people

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