It's hard for people today to focus. Look at how many things there are to distract us. You have Netflix wanting you to entire binge seasons. Your phone is continuously buzzing, trying to get you to do something else. Gritty people know how to lock in on the things that matter most. 

To accomplish anything worthwhile, it's going to take ten years of grit and grind. Now more than ever, people switch goals before they can ever see the rewards from their work. Grit is about staying true to your vision. To do that it takes having a very conscious discipline. 

To accomplish anything worthwhile, it's going to take ten years of grit and grind. Now more than ever, people switch goals before they can ever see the rewards from their work. Grit is about staying true to your vision.

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Stay Gritty People - They Always Want to Pull You In ?

You have to be careful not to get caught in the whirlwind of other peoples dreams. You especially need to pay attention when you are talking with someone who can sell their asses off.

By the end of your conversation, you will be sure that you are called to work with them. I'm not saying that it never is, but grit is more about sticking than it ever is about changing.

People who succeed are always gritty. It's not about talent. But the effort they can put into something they are passionate about over a long period.

Gritty people are good at pulling other people into their dreams. That is a disaster for the thing you have been focusing on. Grit means passing up excellent opportunities to stick with what you have been working on. It's going and finding a way to make it work no matter what.

  • Don't get pulled away form your true passion

New Opportunities Always Seem Great But Not to Gritty People ?

If you are a very action-oriented person like me, then you suffer from "shiny toy syndrome." You can only focus until the new shiny toy comes, and then you drop everything you are doing to chase that thing.

Every time you start over, it's like you reset your ten year counter for success. Working on something for three years only to quit means the next project begins at 0 and not 3.

The story of success requires working for a long time before anyone hears about it. They stayed consistent, tough, and they kept working!

Wasted opportunities are where the real magic is. It feels weird saying that but we need to stop praising the new all the time. New is not always better! Old opportunities come with exponential learning. It takes years of hitting the same stone until it cracks. It takes conscious discipline to display this sort of grit. 

  • No "shiny toy" syndrome
  • Be confident in your own grind

Focus on Your Dream ?

What matters the most is your dream. Pull people into what you are doing! Convince others that you're going to stick with your efforts for the long haul. Don't get caught up looking at where you are now that is a trap. Nothing starts glamorous! It takes time and effort to get it to become exciting.

When people reach out to you with a new idea, business or opportunity, kindly decline. Get back to work on what you have been working on. Everything you do in life should get you closer to your mission.

I am talking from personal experience here. It took me 16 years of training to make an Olympic team, and I stuck it out through some hard times. When I got into entrepreneurship, I was doing whatever thought would make money.

With Habit Stacker, I forgot about the money, and I focused on what I am gifted in. Then I went to work on it, and I did not stop studying and creating. Habit Stacker has gone well because I have not stopped or lost focus.

  • What are you creating? Stay focused on that
  • Don't allow minor hiccups to move you away from you goals

Hey there! Fancy meeting you here in the realm of success and personal growth. Allow us to introduce Habit Stacker, your go-to source for top-notch, life-transforming content. Whether you’re aiming for triumph in your personal or professional life, we’ve got your back!

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