Let life come to you. Let life bloom. The caterpillar needs time to become the butterfly. Babies need time to grow into adults. The flower needs time to bloom. Let life bloom on its time and in its way.

One of the easiest ways to kill someone's happiness is to start comparing them with others. You do this all the time with your life progress. You see someone else got chest hair first.

Your friend hit puberty before you. John, Dick, and Harry all got into a good college. Then there is you, always lagging. You have to let your life move at its own pace.

Let life come to you. Let life bloom. The caterpillar needs time to become the butterfly. Babies need time to grow into adults. The flower needs time to bloom. Let life bloom on its time and in its way.

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Let Life Bloom -Youth Sports Is a Great Example.

I wanted to make it to the Olympics from the age of 6. There was a period between about 10 and 13, where I had a lot of doubts about that dream. Kids were so much taller, muscular, and just better than me. It seemed my talent had been washed up overnight.

Youth Sports can be brutal if you don't let life bloom. Instead, you compare, and you wish you were everyone else. You see they hit puberty quicker and that they are winning and doing well, so you want the same. There is nothing like fearing a kid who is your age and double your size. You must stay cautiously optimistic. 

Something crazy happens as you continue to age. Other kids get taller, and some stay the same height. They reached a certain height at a young age, and they were pegged as the next great one. For whatever reason, they stopped growing. They happened to see a lot of growth at a young age. You let life bloom, and you stayed patient and waited until it was your turn. Well played!

Let Life Bloom and Let Go of The Perception of Control

We don't control as much as we like to believe we do. We love to think we have job security and we can control our TV and other things. There is always someone with a little bit more power and control than you. Control is about perception. You have to let go of your need to want to control everything.

There is only one thing you can control, and that is you. You can't change how others respond, what they do or when they grow. What you can control is you. Everything that you think and do is under your control. Take 100% ownership of that.

If you don't harness the ability to control yourself, you will never be able to let life bloom. You will sit back and blame others and get mad because of what others have. Instead, you should be working on the things that you can control as you wait for your time.

You never know what will come when the stars align in your favor. You want to be ready for it at all costs. When you let life bloom, success walks itself to you, and it never feels forced. You need to stay cautiously optimistic though the process though.

Let Life Boom - Patience in The Valley

You should never make a significant decision when you are hungry or in a valley. If you are on top of your game and you decide to quit you know its an authentic choice. When you are in the valley though, its the most tempting time to stop because life is not looking how you want. You want to see things turn in your favor.

When you are in this position, it's in your best interest to hang on. Wait until things turn around to quit. A valley is a place that we all are forced to spend time. No one wants to be down there, but it's necessary. If you're going to accomplish anything significant, you need to struggle. The problematic parts on your journey wash out the weak that are not able to endure the pain. Make sure it does not wash you out.

Let Life Boom, But That Don't Just Sit Back

Patience does not mean you sit back and do nothing. You still need to get up and get what you want. Other people want the same things as you. While you are patient, they are attacking what you want. You can't have this!

When you let life boom, you still are working your tail off daily. Its that you are not trying to force it. You are preparing yourself for your day to shine. You are studying and going through every scenario. Getting ready for when it's your time. Never sit back and do nothing and expect great things to come your way.

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