Recent years saw big changes in education and all related fields. Online education, which has existed as a concept for decades and was only practiced in online language schools or Eikaiwas (Japanese: ‘language school’), has only recently been widely adopted. As unfortunate events and subsequent political decisions closed schools, the teachers and staff of many colleges and Universities around the world quickly found ways to switch to online education and eLearning and remote learning models.

How Is eLearning Different From In-Person Learning?

As there are currently three forms of out-of-school learning, we will only focus on one. That is eLearning. eLearning, as a concept, has existed for a long time and has started gaining in popularity in the past decade or so; as the popularity of and other similar websites skyrocketed, the idea that the Web could be used for more than a simple correspondence and media binging.

This brought about the era of eLearning. Universities and colleges started publishing their prerecorded courses online. Udemy and Coursera enabled just about anyone to publish their courses and improve collective micro-skills. Anything from dog training to cooking and advanced geometry can be taught online. In case these are graded courses, you will also need great writing skills as most tasks and assignments are submitted in written form. eLearning is true, changing the face of education.

How eLearning Is Changing The Face Of Education?

These changes are not that radical, truth be told. As it goes, the end result is the same – you get a certificate stating that you have achieved certain results in a certain course in a specific period of time. The real difference lies in the availability, customizability, and pacing of the courses themselves.

Student Interaction

Although student interaction is a big obstacle in eLearning, many courses come with their own online discussion groups. Leaving links to blogs and encouraging students to read and comment is another way that student interaction is changing. Although not as lively as regular in-class communication, online communication seems to be more fruitful, especially as you have time to stop, think and revise.

Student Learning

Students can pace their own learning with eLearning courses. eCourses that are held live are very rare and are usually reserved for live streaming of conferences and webinars. The longer availability of the courses themselves means that more students can partake and that learning can become an integral part of the day rather than the sole focus.


Sources with eLearning are numerous and well-developed. They are available to anyone and represent a mountain that is difficult to go through. On the other hand, the sheer volume of the sources says that there is something for everyone and that every student can find sources based on their aptitude and their specific needs. Pictures, diagrams, videos, or written materials abound online.

Modernizing Education

eLearning has the most chances to modernize education. Far from the old assignment mountains, eLearning is a great opportunity that anyone can join. International education from the comfort of your own home and the possibilities of continuing education without leaving your workplace were a dream of many just a decade ago. Now, as the new era approaches, it has become easier than ever to pick your career path while still in the field.


eLearning has existed for decades. Ever since the 90s, many schools have been incorporating small bits of their courses in an online form. This gave great opportunities to experiment and learn through trial and error. It has also paved the path to large-scale eLearning integration that we could see take place after some recent unfortunate events.

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