Your living room is arguably the most used of all the rooms in your house. It’s where you unwind after a long day, entertain guests, catch up with family, entertain one another, and much more. Yet, over time, the décor in your living room can start looking tired and needs a refresh. But if you’re unwilling to break the bank on a complete style overhaul, you’ll be pleased to know you can do so just by tweaking the décor.

From managing clutter and rearranging the furniture to installing brand-new LPD doors and changing your lighting, you can use many creative décor ideas to transform your living room into a place you want to spend time in. But if you’re completely stuck, we outline several of the best ways in this article below:

Change Your Doors

When tasked with updating your living room décor, your mind automatically goes to the most obvious solutions, such as adding a new lick of paint to the walls or throwing a colourful rug over your floorboards. However, you can’t overlook the impact that minor details – like your internal doors – can have on the overall appearance of your house.

As well as creating a more visually pleasing living space, replacing your internal doors can grant you other benefits, such as reduced energy costs, increased functionality, and much more. Plus, since you can find LPD doors in various styles, colours, and textures, you can choose one that can significantly enhance the appearance of your living room, like the ones from the Online Door Store.

Consider visiting their website to browse their range of LPD doors, read customer testimonials, and take advantage of their helpful resources. Or, if you have something specific in mind, contact them directly for their bespoke door services and see how they could work with you to create something that’ll refresh your living room today.

Update The Walls

While you may not have the time or budget to start wallpapering the walls, consider refreshing the room by switching out the artwork/photographs on display. If you’d like to keep the style swap as budget-friendly as possible, you could consider arranging different-sized frames in a gallery wall fashion and swap out the pictures inside the frame as and when your mood strikes.  

Doing so keeps your pennies in the bank, as you won’t have to rush out to a furniture store to pick out new pieces every so often. And it takes minimal time/effort, meaning your living room gets a brand-new, refreshed look without dedicating much of your time to it.

Move Your Furniture Around

If you want the benefits of a brand-new living space without buying anything new, consider refreshing your living room by moving your existing furniture around. How you place your furniture has a massive impact on how your room looks; for instance, if you have lots of tall, dark furnishings, it will make the room appear darker and smaller.

On the other hand, keeping furniture away from the windows and adopting a light, neutral colour scheme will make the room appear more spacious and allow natural light to circulate more freely. You could achieve this by pulling furniture away from the wall, bringing more natural elements inside, and much more.

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