Jack Nicholson Net Worth = $400 Million

Intro - Jack Nicholson Net Worth and Key Habits

Jack Nicholson is a Hollywood veteran and has built his net worth as an actor during career that has been longer than half a century. He has seen it all from comedies, to romantic movies to playing dark villains. He has been nominated for 12 Academy awards which is the most in history. He is one of the most popular and highest paid actors in the game. His net worth is over $400 Million, which is quite impressive. 

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Jack Nicholson


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The Joker



Quotes - Jack Nicholson Net Worth and Key Habits

Most of the early part of an actor's career, you do the jobs you get. - Jack Nicholson

There's only two people in your life you should lie to... the police and your girlfriend. - Jack Nicholson

I don't have any plugs or tucks but people do what they want. I look at it as mutilation. - Jack Nicholson

I know I can act. There aren't too many other jobs I know how to do. - Jack Nicholson

When I was in high school, I earned the pimple award and every other gross-out award. - Jack Nicholson

There is no way you can get people to believe you on screen if they know who you really are through television. - Jack Nicholson

Habit #1 - Stay in Good Company 

Jack Nicholson has an amazing list of actors, actresses and directors that he has worked with. There are not many that could match lists with Jack and hold a candle to the people he has worked with. He is often the one that others pursue for these roles because they know he will raise the bar for everyone.

You want to be around A-players as much as possible. Jim Rohn once said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you want to be better it means you need to get around much better people. 

Habit #2 - Classic One Liners 

Jack Nicholson has great one liners from his movies. They serve as a way of remembering him and putting his stamp on his performances. His most well known line is "Here's Johnny" and he had a few good ones from Batman in his role as The Joker. You have to be memorable if you want to be successful. 

Maybe you don't need one liners, but you do need a calling card. You need to find your way that people remember you easily. It does not matter what it is but make sure you stamp it on all of your work. You don't need to be known for many things. You just have to be known for one or two things. That is all it takes. If you can brand yourself as being great at a few things, you will make all the money you need.  

Habit #3 - Stay In It For The Long Run 

Jack Nicholson has been acting for 60 years. That is a long time and when you have a net worth of $400 million you know that he is not doing it for the money because he does not need it. He keeps acting because that's how much love he has for what he does. He loves it so much that acting for 60 years is not even a big deal for him. 

Whatever you do, be prepared to stick with it for the long run. There is no success in doing something for a short period of time. That does nothing for you and you don't get the reap the benefits of being persistent. Anyone can do something for a year but not many can do one thing for 10 years. 

Summary - Jack Nicholson Net Worth and Key Habits


Stay in Good Company 


Classic One Liners 


Be Confident 

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