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Jeffrey Skilling was born on November 25th, 1953 in Pennsylvania. He is well known as the CEO of Enron. Enron Corporation was American energy, commodities and service-based company which collapsed in 2006. Jeffrey was convicted of felony charges and handed a 24 year sentence. He was released in 2019 after serving 12 years. His net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand.

Jeffrey received a full scholarship to Ѕоuthеrn Меthоdіѕt Unіvеrѕіtу in Dallas. He was studying engineering but made the switch to business studies. Jeffrey earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1979.

He started working as analyst after he received his MBA. Skilling started working with Enron in 1987. Kenneth Lay was highly impressed by him and appointed Jeffrey as a consultant. Skilling became Chairman of Enron Gas in 1991. Later on Jeffrey was named as CEO of Enron Capital and given responsibilities of energy trading and marketing. In 1997, Skilling became president of Enron.

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Jeffrey Keith Skilling


CEO of Enron Corporation

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Quotes - Jeffrey Skilling Net Worth and Key Habits

“We were building a - what I thought was a fantastic company. We had great people. We were changing - we were changing the way the marketplace operated. We were creating a market for natural gas and electricity that had never existed before.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“I thought the stock was a great buy. I think anybody that bought the stock in 1999 was - saw over the next couple of years a strong growth. During the year of 1999, I significantly increased my ownership of shares in the company.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“In the fall of the year 2000, there just happened to be a decision point when they asked me to become Chief Executive Officer of the company. It was a time when, as you remember, we were starting to have some real problems in the California energy markets.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“Larry, I spent probably most of my professional life helping to build Enron Corporation. I don't think there was anyone that was as shocked by the - by the collapse of the company as I was.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“We built that into a wholesale business that became, really, one of the largest companies in the United States. We had success in building new markets, opening markets for competition, and that takes a personal toll.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“In the business world, allegations of accounting irregularities is tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater, except, today, in our Internet world, instead of people running for the exit signs, they just push the button on their computer.” –Jeffrey Skilling

“This list here is one of the most sophisticated groups of investors I have ever seen in one single investment. I doubt seriously they would have let us control their investment. –Jeffrey Skilling”

Jeffrey Skilling Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1: Don't Let Greed Get You

Jeffrey started out with a lot of great leadership traits but he let greed get the best of him. He wanted to expand and grow in order to make himself look good and to keep shareholders happy. The problem was that he engaged in illegal practices to make the numbers look much better than they really were. 

There is always a right and wrong way to get things done and you have to make the choice daily to choose the right way. Skilling ended up serving 12 long years in prison. Being rich for a short period of time is not work it if you have to go to jail. Know when enough is enough or find a way to do things the right way.

Habit #2: Use Your Intelligence for Good

Jeffrey Skilling always had amazing grades and he got his MBA from Harvard. When it comes to his intelligence, he is elite. The problem is that you can use you brain for good or you can also use it for bad. He spent more time trying to outsmart people and cover up illegal activity then he would spend trying to do the right thing. 

Use your brain for the great good of society. Why cheat people out of their money when there are people working to bring clean drinking water to the world. That does not mean you need to start a charity but it shows that you can use smart ideas to help people if you want to.

Habit #3: Work Harder

Jeffrey was a skilled businessman and very hard working. The reason he became CEO and was able to keep the Enron scandal afloat was because he worked his tail off to get to the top and gain the trust of the right people. That meant late nights, early mornings, a tonne of meetings and being willing to be sharper than the next guy. He was able to work hard under very stressful situations and keep it all together. 

If you want more success, you need to work harder. There are no shortcuts. Too many people want to see more success in their life but they are not putting in more work. They get frustrated when they see other people leaving them behind but they put in the same amount of work. You can't control how much natural talent you have, but you can always control how much effort you put in. 

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