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Jose Manuel Figueroa Sr., also known as Joan Sebastian was born April of 1951 in Mexico. He is a singer, songwriter and famous for his blending music. Sebastian won numerous Grammy Awards. He is considered one of the wealthiest musicians from Mexico. His net worth is $5 million.

Joan started his music when he was only seven years old. He also got influenced by Father David Salgado and decided to become a priest and joined Seminario Conciliar de San Jose in Morelos. But soon after joining, he left to pursue his musical career.

Sebastian recorded his debut album in 1974 named Pedro Parrandas when he moved to Mexico City. He then signed with a record label in 1977. His second album released in 2000 with the title “Secreto de Amor.” His album was a certified platinum in the Recording Industry Association of America in the Latin category. He released his album in the next year with the title En Vivo: Desde La Plaza El Progreso en Guadalajara, this album also become a hit and topped Latin album charts.

Joan Sebastian released the album Afortunado along with Musart Records in 2002, which helped him win a Grammy Award. The album won album of the year award. In the same year he released another album Lo Dino el Corazon that also won Grammy Album of the year award. Joan released along with Skalona Records his studio album Un Lujoin.

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Quotes - Joan Sebastian Net Worth and Key Habits

“And the butterflies flew from flower to flower and we knew for the first time what love was.” –Joan Sebastian

“I want to go back to that town in the mountains where I have my ranch and my reason of being. How I miss my horse and my faithful dog” –Joan Sebastian

“Don't lie to me, don't give me excuses. I know what I want and this is my decision, leave or I'm leaving.” –Joan Sebastian

“In front of people don't look at me, don't sigh, don't call me, even though you love me, in front of everyone I'm your friend.” –Joan Sebastian

“Probably you don't understand why I'm leaving, but to love and to suffer are parts of life.” –Joan Sebastian

“I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, that I hurt you, I regret it, I was the reason you cried, and I loved you a lot.” –Joan Sebastian

“The grey skies always make my heart sentimental.” –Joan Sebastian

“Don't judge me, don't be jealous, I'm in search of honey in other flowers.” –Joan Sebastian

“I'm leaving although I need you, I'm leaving you but I'm not sure if I'll forget you.” –Joan Sebastian

“I like to wake up thinking that you love me, dreaming of you has become my biggest pleasure. I like everything, everything about you.” –Joan Sebastian

Joan Sebastian Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 Versatility

Joan Sebastian was a versatile artist. His versatility made him famous and also relatable. He was a great songwriter and wrote above 1000 songs for other singers too. He did not limit himself. He pushed hard to learn different genres and aspects of music so that he could build as many fans as possible. 

Everything we do in society is so specialized now that sometimes we forget the power of someone who has many talents or the versatility to change their style. The key is that you get really good at one thing first. Once you are really good at that one thing, start finding ways to expand and learn more. 

Habit #2 Devotion

Though Sebastian chose music after he left priesthood, he devoted himself to music. He followed it till his health stopped cooperating with his schedules and doctors suggested he rest. Suffering from bone cancer, and even after curing it the first time, it hit back twice again and resulted in his death at the age of 64. He continued music for long after he was diagnosed with bone cancer.

You have to commit to your success and be willing to stick with it for life. There is no quitting early and to run to plan b. When you are devoted to something it means that you are dedicated to everything it will take to be successful. 

Habit #3 Be Yourself

Joan Sebastian won many awards in music because of his love for being original. He won seven Latin Grammy because he stuck to his roots. His birth name was Jose Manuel Figueroa, but then changed to Joan Sebastian and Sebastian was because of his love for the region he is from.

He wrote many songs in his regional language, and this will always stay in the hearts of Mexican people. And his popularity is because of these songs. Being true to your originality and yourself leads you to success, and the type of fame one wants.  Sebastian is not only a Mexican favorite but one of the world’s famous singers.

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