Mekhi Phifer Net Worth = $1.3 Million

Mekhi Phifer is a famous black actor. While he may not be a "household" name, anyone who watched movies with a predominately black cast would know him. The actor is known for his attractive smile and his ability to play captivating supporting roles. Phifer's net worth took a hit due to some back taxes with the IRS. Nevertheless, he is a success.

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Quotes - Mekhi Phifer Net Worth and Key Habits

“Working with great actors - being part of something of that magnitude and not knowing the business and what the business entailed or any of that. I was so wet behind the ears, I didn't know anything. It's, like, you're watching movies, and then here you are in front of those people and working with them. It was pretty interesting.”
-- Mekhi Phifer

“I like to make sure that I'm believable. If I don't believe me, then there's a lot of people that don't believe me, but if I can believe that I'm doing it, then I know the audience will, too.”
-- Mekhi Phifer

“A lot of times you'll hear horror stories about actors being incredibly selfish and only wanting themselves to shine, but for me, it's not about just one person. It's about the whole team. That's the way I look at acting. That's the way I look at everything I do.”
-- Mekhi Phifer

“My favorite song is Eminem's 'Rap God.' That joint is just incredible, It's six-and-a-half minutes of him just crushing the whole game. It's so different from what I hear if I listen to the radio.”
-- Mekhi Phifer

“I grew up in a rough environment. You want to be strong and have your presence felt out there. That attitude reflects how people see you.”
-- Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Take Your Shot

Mekhi Phifer got into acting after answering an open call from Spike Lee in 1994. He stood out among thousands and won a shot in the entertainment industry. Many of his early roles involved stereotypical roles, but Phiferwas willing to play that part to position himself to take his shot. He went on to become a Dr. on the hit show E.R.

You have to be willing to take chances in life. It's not just taking whatever shot is open, or pointed out by others. Phifer realized he needed to put himself in the right position, the right spot to shoot the ball. There is something extraordinary about that.

Habit #2 - Know Your Role 

Mekhi Phifer's net worth would not have grown in the way that it did had he not been self-aware. Very early on, he recognized he had to put in the work, play his role, earn his keep. So he didn't demand to be the star or pursue only leading roles.

For that, he knows best as a supporting actor. In 8 Mile, he played David Porter, one of the best friends of rapper Eminem. Most of the movies he is in, he plays a similar role, and he does it exceptionally well. He is not selfish, and he accepts this is where he can make the most impact.

You have to know your place in life. Always have a dream, but remember that sometimes your best role is to be supportive of others. You may be in the background for a bit until you get your break. Or perhaps you discover that your calling is behind the scenes. 

Habit #3 - Build Your Hobbies 

Currently Phifer helps to provide resources to universities in Africa, partakes in quite a bit of poker and owns many Athletes' Foot franchises. Mekhi Phifer understands that branching out provides opportunities. Successful people have multiple sources of income and are less stressed about money because of it.

Summary of The Mekhi Phifer Net Worth and Key Habits


Take Your Shot 


Know Your Role 


Build Your Hobbies 

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