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Mike Herrera is a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and bassist born of Mexican and English descent. He started his first group, MxPx, in 1992 while he was still in high school. His first performance, his very own backyard. In the 2000s, the group became less active, and Herrera began to appear in more solo acts. After a solo stint, he decided to give a second group a try- he started Tumbledown and went country.

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Mike Herrera




Quotes - Mike Herrera Net Worth and Key Habits

"Everybody's crazy in some way and everybody's weird, and that kind of makes us all the same in a lot of ways. We're not alone, we just think we are."

Mike Herrera

"Just know this, that God is faithful, even when you don't have faith yourself."

Mike Herrera

Mike Herrera Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Don't Wait to Get Started

Mike Herrera started his band while he was in high school. Most people have excuses on why they can't begin- too young, too old, or not enough of something. He had none of the sorts.

What he did have a dream. So he found people that aligned with his vision and got started with what he had- His first concert, his very own backyard. Herrera was determined and demonstrated his hunger. He was not going to let anything get in the way of his success

Are you waiting for something to start chasing your dream? My advice, stop waiting, and starting doing. While acting does not always guarantee success, doing nothing almost always ensures failure. 

Habit #2 - Be Willing to Try 

When his first band began to perform less, he didn't alter his dream, he adjusted the path and went solo. He could have stayed in his comfort zone , but he went out on a limb and was willing to try something different. He wasn't a big hit as a solo artist, but he did it and learned something too. Herrera learned he was not interested in living a life of "what ifs?". So he chose to move in alignment with his dream, and that was enough.

How many times have you failed to move forward in life because you were unwilling to try? Your willingness to take chances provides perspective- If you do not throw the chips up you will never know how they fall.

Habit #3 - Re-invent Yourself 

Mike Herrera's net worth continues to grow because he does. Throughout his career, he has continuously found ways to re-invent himself. This quality is not unique to Herrera; it is a common denominator in successful people. Successful people find ways to stay in the game, stay relevant while staying true themselves and to their dreams.

You have to be willing to take an honest inventory and adapt. Adaptation is imperative to success; nothing remains the same. Time moves on, you evolve, and most importantly, the people who consume your work, they grow too.

Maybe last year, what you were doing was hot, but this year it's not. Adapt. Change. Evolve. Find a way to make what you are doing matter today. No one cares about what you did yesterday. That excellence is in the past. People only care about you are currently contributing.

Summary - Mike Herrera Net Worth and Key Habits


Don't Wait to Get Started


Be Willing to Try 


Re-invent Yourself 

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