You create random ceilings over your head for different reasons. It's not workable to get to the next level without seeing someone there or having a strong vision. Then all a sudden, your entire paradigm changes. You lived most of our lives, thinking that making $100,000 a year was a lot, so that became the ceiling. Until someone shows you how they blasted through that ceiling, it's hard to know what your limits are. You have seen this same thing happen with the four-minute mile. It was always considered impossible until one man did it and now even high school kids can break it. The best way to break these types of barriers is by using daily habits to improve life and the way you approach it. 

The best way to get to the next level is to start small and then ramp it up. These changes begin to add up to something much more powerful.

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Why Ceilings Are Illusions That Block The Next Level

Ceilings are not reality, but they are human-made threats you conjure up in your minds. Ceilings exist in your mind. They block you from the next level, but they are invisible walls. You place limits on how much you can do without realizing it.

These obstacles arise from the words of other people. As a kid, if you hear your parents say that it's hard to make six figures or learn four languages, you believe it to be true. You see your parents as superheroes, and if the most they can make is $50,000, then $100,000 must be hard.

Your mind builds these roadblocks, and you have to learn to push past them. The easiest way to do it is by learning from people who already have. People see greatness as the exception and something that you cannot have. There are some fundamental things you can do to destroy these mental ceilings.

Hang Around Greatness to See The Next Level

The higher quality of people you hang around the easier it is to break through ceilings. When you are always around people with excellent character what they are going to do is build you up. If they tear you down, it will be with honest, constructive criticism.

They are also going to show you all the possibilities. People of low character fear to teach others because they do not want them to take what they have.

People of high character know that there is enough success to go around. They want to teach others so that there can be more people on their level to talk with. Your tribe can dictate your direction so you must choose.

Read Read and Read Some More About The Next Level

Reading is that it gives you examples of other people who decided to tear through walls. You can find a book from a person in every situation who has overcome a lot.

Reading is one of the fastest ways to work your imagination and help to expand your mind. A good book can show you what you are capable of. Reading is also a hack for changing your friends. Not all the people you want to learn from can hang out with you because they are either dead or busy. Books allow you to have access to their mind and their way of thinking.

Reading does introduce you to the habits of success. You may know that others broke out to the next level. You can get inspiration, but to understand how to do it is a matter of changing habits. How did they think every day? What things did they take action on daily? Changing your habits is what produces the outcomes you want.

Challenge Your Daily Habits to Improve Life

Get outside of your comfort zone and show yourself that you can do more. If you always eat certain foods, try and change your diet. Let yourself know who the boss is!  You can take cold showers instead of warm ones. You can wake up earlier or set a goal to make more money than you ever have before.

All these things break through ceilings. They take natural processes that people use and put them to the test. You must convince you that you can push yourself to be more than what you currently are. If you are not always doing this, then in some ways you are building ceilings over your head to help keep you in place.

Start The Process With Your Goals and Habits

There is no better way to start breaking barriers than to change the things you do daily. For example, If you like sleeping until 7 am each morning or later, then start waking up at 5 AM. If that is too much to begin, start with small 15 minute changes and work your way there. Most people think they are incapable of change. The truth is that most don't because others said they couldn't change.

The best way to power through this is to set some next level goals. You have to set goals that are beyond the next level and use the Habit Tracker to review those goals daily. Keeping your goals in front of mind is essential. They serve as a reminder to why you are changing your habits. Your goals need to be of varying difficulties. Set some big ones that make you stretch and some easy ones that can help you get some momentum.

Once you know what goals you want to hit, it comes down to using the right process. If you have a goal of baking a delicious cake, but you have the wrong ingredients and equipment to do it, you won't be able to. You are following the wrong process. If you have the right process and components, but no goals, you can still make a fantastic cake.

When you look at your goals, you need to be honest about what actions will help you get there and which ones will hurt you. The ones that will hurt you need to remove The activities that will help you need to be improved.

You Can't Imagine The Impact of Small Changes

One of the biggest shockers to changing your habits is how much it will change your life. Society often follows the masses. The problem is that sometimes the masses will lead you the right of a cliff, and you won't even question it.

The majority of people think they need to make considerable changes to succeed. All you need to do is make tiny changes at a time. You don't need to read four hours a day. Start by reading one paragraph a day. Don't run a mile; go for a walk instead. Get consistent making small changes, and it will not be as overwhelming.

The small changes start to add up like putting a dollar away every day. After a week you only have $7 bucks, but after a year you have $365. The next year putting $2 a day won't seem bad. If you keep it up, by year three you will have over $2,000.

The best way to get to the next level is to start small and then ramp it up. These changes begin to add up to something much more powerful. Keep using daily habits to improve life. 

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