You have decided you are going to start building some new habits to improve your life. You want to know what are some productive things to do to help make the changes easier. Habits are powerful, but they can be a curse if they are negative habits. You want to do everything you can to support the changes you are about to make. The 3 AM Challenge is a great way to completely shake up your life. 

The reason many quit on their habits is that they do not notice a change right away. The overweight person who works out for seven days does not see any change to their waistline. The person who spends thirty days learning a new language is no better at that language. One of the most productive things you can do for yourself is understanding that it's going to be a long term process.

One of the most productive things to do to prepare for habit change is to align your image with your new habits. 

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Choose Your Keystone Habit - The 3 AM Challenge is a Great Start

Any person who has had a significant lifestyle change started with a keystone habit. The keystone habit is the first habit you change that starts it all. You don't need to have four or five. You need one thing you focus on that gives you the confidence to tackle the rest.

If you want to lose weight, so you focus on working out every day, that is a considerable change. Then you will have the confidence to attack your healthy eating goals. You will be able to start taking cold showers and begin training for that marathon. You need to register that big win.

Productive things to do before you start include figuring out your keystone habit. Once you know what that keystone habit is, you want to put all your focus into making this a successful change.

Productive Things to Do - Track Your Habits

The second thing you need to do is get set up on a habit tracker. Habit Stacker will help you organize your habit by the time. It gives you a board that lets you see what you need to do next and when you cross that item off, it goes to the bottom of the list. You always know which habit is up next until you have completed them all. If you do not get it done in time, you will get a notification.

The other big thing that a habit tracker can do is allow you to look back in time and see what you have or have not done. There is no lying to your habit tracker. If you don't record your habits, you could think you are on a 30-day streak when you are only on a 10-day streak. Habit Stacker adds more to the fire by allowing you to add accountability partners. If you do no get your habit done, they will get a notification about it.

There are other habit trackers in the market that you can use. The point is that one of the most productive things to do when you are building habits is to get a habit tracker. When you are trying to make a hard change, it will give you a partner in crime. If you want to take on the 3 AM Challenge, you can do it with a friend. 

Productive Things to Do - Set Up Your Environment

Disciplined people are not as disciplined as you think. They are much better at setting up their environment. Someone who heats healthy, by healthy food and avoids having junk food around. They bring their lunch to work, and they make sure they eat before they go out.

You need to build your environment in a way that makes it easy to succeed in your new habits. If you plan to play the guitar or learn a new language, but the stuff you need on the kitchen table, so you see it each day. If you want to read your Bible more, put it in a place that is easy to access.

The most productive thing to do is set up your environment before you start trying to make changes. If you want to clean daily, but you don't have the correct supplies you set yourself up for failure.

Productive Things to Do - Change Your Identity

You will always act inconsistency with your self-image. If you see yourself as someone who loves fast food and eating unhealthy, it will be hard to eat clean. Doing so will be in direct competition with your self-image. You will be fighting yourself.

One of the most productive things to do to prepare for habit change is to align your image with your new habits. Start seeing yourself as someone who hates unhealthy food. The thought of it needs to disgust you. It upsets your stomach. You are a person who eats clean and loves it.

When you start working on your new habits, you will be working with how you see yourself — no more fighting your old identity. You set yourself up for success when you do it this way — the more time you have to work on your personality, the better.

Productive Things to Do - Start Small

The most productive thing to do is to make sure you start small. Most people start making habit changes that are way too big. If you have not run in the last ten years, to start running 3 miles a day is ridiculous. Not only will you get hurt, but its almost guaranteed that you will quit.

Start with the smallest thing you can think of. Walk every day for 5 minutes. When you do that for seven days, increase yours to walking for 15 minutes. Then jog a slow 500 meters then walk 5 minutes. You want to build your way to your end goal week by week.

Habit Stacker can turn your habits into smaller starting points. Doing this goes against human nature because you are going to want to do more and aim high. Think of it like making $1,000,000. You have to make $1, and $10 first.

Understand Everything You Can About Your Habits

Habit Stacker provides resources to help you improve your habits. The first way we do this is through our online course Habit Mastery. The second way is with the Habit Stacker mobile app.

Olympian and founder of Habit Stacker Ian Warner, teaches the Habit Mastery course. He walks you through practical techniques that you can use to improve your life through your habits. No fluff or non-sense! You get instant access to over 45 different videos breaking down how to build good habits and break bad ones.

The Habit Stacker app is what you use to live out your habits from day today. It's a habit tracker that lets you know what you need to do each day. The app sets your daily routine board for you each day, so you all you have to do is get the task done at the top of the list. You can look back and see your streaks for each habit.

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