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Rick Ross is one of the biggest rappers in the United States. He burst on the scene with the hit "Hustlin," and it was game over. The song was so popular it set off a bidding war for his services between Diddy, Irv Gott, and Jay Z. He signed with Jay Z, and his career has taken flight ever since.

Ross went on to start his own music group, Maybach music. Since its inception, the group has added notable top artists like Wale and Meek Mills. In 2012, MTV named Rick Ross , aka Ricky Rozay, one of the hottest rappers in the game.

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Quotes - Rick Ross Net Worth and Key Habits

"Every day when the sun rises, we wake up with a new opportunity to better ourselves and our life, so make sure that you take it. Life is short, and we can't afford to waste days lazing around, watching the world go by." - Rick Ross

"Helping other people is the definition of success. The most significant effect you can have in life is that on the lives of others, and we should be afraid to die until we've made a substantial contribution to society." -Rick Ross

"Keep your head high and stay focused if you or your family are going through tough times." - Rick Ross

"Everyone started at the bottom. It takes time and dedication to make your way to the top. So don't give up, and don't be discouraged from going for what you want in life regardless." -Rick Ross

Rick Ross Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Tell a Great Story

Rick Ross has faced scrutiny in the media because of his controversial life choices. Ross wore many hats before making music his main gig. One hat was honorable, reputable, and tax reportable- a corrections officer. Another hat was a crime- a drug dealer.

It is not uncommon for artists to share their stories through their music. People connect to a story- Ross capitalized on this. He told a story about his life that people wanted to believe, and it made him rich. For whatever reason people buy into the crack dealer, gang runner turned rap extraordinaire. So he wrote it about and made millions.

You have to be brave enough to not only tell your story but spin it for your benefit. Now that's not to say that you should make up stories. But it would help if you told your story in a way that captivates the minds of your audiences.

Habit #2 - Keep It Pushing

Ross has experienced his fair share of altercations throughout his career. Many of which are everyday struggles among celebrities- gossip, rivalries, etc. However, one time he was targeted in a drive-by shooting.

Through it all, Ross never wavered. He never let distractions stop him from creating music. The more adversity he faced, the more hits he made. 

Life will come at you fast, and unfortunately, the more success you have, the more problems will arise. Ross became an expert at letting issues come and go.

While he didn't expect them, he didn't allow himself the space to become consumed. When you lose focus, slow down and pause. Use the space to re-connect with your why and keep it pushing.

Habit #3 - Hustle

Rick Ross's first single, "Hustlin," was a smash because it was so easy to relate to - everyone could connect with it. It did not matter if you were a drug dealer, a stay at home mom, or an athlete the lyrics resonated with you. 

Each day women and men show up and hustle. Rick Ross took this essential life skill and made it an anthem; It now permeates through everything he does- from creating music to signing artists.

Don't stop your hustle for anything. When you grow weary, hustle harder. When you get tired, search for ways to hustle smarter. To be successful, you have to put in the work.

The key is figuring out how that looks for you. Create your own hustle and flow. Then commit to doing it day after day until you win.

Summary - Rick Ross Net Worth and Key Habits


Tell a Great Story


Keep It Pushing



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