Over the years there has been an increasing number of women business professionals who choose to stay single until later in their twenties and thirties. Many times, it is to develop a career without the ‘distractions’ of married life and potentially having children. They want to be ready to enter a new stage of their lives first. It is actually more common than you might believe but with all the focus on the equality of the sexes, there is still something about women in which they are seen as the “fairer sex.”

Anatomically speaking, this is true much of the time. With that in mind, it is important for single women, even women with partners, to understand what it means to be safe in a world in which crime still abounds. The following tips are a good place to start.

Never Use Your Home Address

As a business professional, you would probably want to have business cards printed out because networking is one of the fastest ways to propel your career to the top. However, it is suggested that you never use your home address, especially if you are a consultant working from a home office. You can always get a virtual mailbox from reputable companies like PhysicalAddress.com.

In fact, it doesn’t even matter if the mailbox service has a business address in the same town. Many companies now have their business cards printed with the contact information of their home/corporate office, so there’s nothing odd about that. Why make it easier for some stalker to locate you when it is easy to ‘hide’ where you live? Virtual mail services are one of the easiest ways to keep your private life private and privacy is rule #1 when it comes to personal safety.

Awareness And Avoidance Go Hand In Hand

Even though you have a right to fight, a right to defend yourself, it is recommended that you avoid a confrontation if at all necessary. Take flight as opposed to fight if at all possible. The best thing you can do is to always be aware of what is around you. You don’t need to make it overly obvious because that could be construed as a sign of fear, and we all know that vultures prey on the weak.

However, if some hidden sixth sense, some gut level feeling tells you something is not right about that man who followed you out of the building the moment he laid eyes on you, trust that feeling. Either step back inside the building where there are other people or quickly get in your vehicle. Try to avoid a fight if at all possible and awareness is the way to do that. However, if you must, then by all means try to defend yourself if you’ve had any self-defense training at all. If not? Kick off those heels and run for the hills as if your life depended on it, and it just might.

Safeguarding Your Home And Automobile

As one last bit of advice, it always pays to have security systems hooked up to your home and vehicle. These are not always 100% foolproof but they can give you enough of a warning to get away to a place of safety. While you may not be in your vehicle when a criminal accesses it, if you have a Smart alarm app on your phone, you can immediately call in a police report. But, by all means, don’t go out to investigate by yourself.

Any good CCTV security system for the home will be beneficial as well. Do whatever you can do to ensure the safety of your home and auto and as long as you are aware of danger on public streets, you can often avoid problems before they have a chance to arise. It’s your life, so do everything in your power to protect it. That’s how you survive in a world where crime runs rampant.

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