Although ecommerce shopping is rapidly growing, Americans still love brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, 73% of customers use multiple channels to shop, while 80% of businesses are now investing in an omnichannel shopping experience, including both online and in-store shopping. And, although shoppers are expected to continue to visit stores in-person for years to come, they’ll be specifically looking for innovative and personalized experiences. So, by working to make your store stand out from the crowd, you’ll have a better chance of achieving long-term business success.

Create A Unique, Experience-Rich Store

Consumers are increasingly looking for engaging, memorable, and personalized in-store experiences. So, in addition to selling your regular inventory, consider also offering fresh, immersive experiences to foster brand awareness and loyalty. Urban Outfitters, for instance, now have bars and restaurants in their stores, while Nike and Lululemon provide workout classes at certain locations. Additionally, pop-up stores (temporary stores that operate for a short-period of time to achieve a specific goal) can be a great way to attract new customers, as well as try out new revenue streams. And, if you partner with other local retailers, you can further boost brand awareness and sales. Ideally, you should try teaming up with local businesses selling complementary products or services to your own.

Keep It Clean

Don’t let cleanliness be an afterthought. 92% of Americans say the cleanliness of a business plays a key role in their decision to return or not. So, make a point to regularly sweep the entrance; customers don’t want to wade through dirt and debris to enter and leave your store. Glass doors and windows should also be kept clean. Wipe them down throughout the day with a streak-free window cleaner. Remember to also clean doorknobs along with other high-touch surfaces in order to eradicate germs and bacteria. Moreover, a professional cleaning service can give your windows a deeper clean – whether it’s a one-off or ongoing project. Professional pressure washing, in particular, is effective at eliminating ingrained dirt and grime, so your premises are left squeaky clean.

Embrace Technology

Customers are increasingly looking for technology in the in-store shopping experience, and embracing digital can help you stand out in a competitive market. Technology offers customers a quicker, easier, and personalized shopping experience, while also providing you with greater insight into your customers. So, for example, you can send coupons, promotions, and other information straight to your customers’ smartphones. Automated kiosks can also display personalized content and recommendations to customers. And, you can even go a step further and install wireless, battery-operated beacons at your entrance. These beacons send customers personalized product recommendations and coupons to their smartphones via Bluetooth. They can also collect customer data (with consent), which again allows you to better understand your customers.
Helping your business stand out from the crowd doesn’t have to be difficult. By creating an experience-rich store, prioritizing cleanliness, and embracing technology, you can successfully attract repeat customers and grow your business.

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