Steve Cook Net Worth = $2 Million

Steve Cook is an American Bodybuilder and YouTuber. He won the Mr. Olympia title twice and competed for the American International Federation of Bodybuilding. He comes from an athletic family and was around sports all of his life. Steve’s father was the athletic director and coached at his high school.

He started learning with his father as his personal coach. After high school, Cook graduated from Dixie State College with a degree in integrated studies. He played football in college and in 2010 Steve started to participate in different fitness competitions. He first competed and won the Gold’s Classic Treasure Natural Bodybuilding Championship. Then won the Fit Body Competition. Cook also won the championship hosted by the NPC Iron Man magazine.

Now Steve Cook is famous for his YouTube channel. He has over 1.27 million followers. He shares fitness and training advice and also shows off his world travels. His net worth is around $1.9 million.  He also collaborated with Omar Isuf, Bradley Martyn and Christian Guzman. He writes for the website and sells his apparel online. Cook has won the title of IFBB Houston Pro twice. He owns a gym and a fitness app as well.

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Quotes - Steve Cook Net Worth and Key Habits

“The next person history will remember is out there, and they are made of the same matter as you are!” – Steve Cook

“Sometimes I whisper to my biceps in my gym douche voice.” – Steve Cook.

“You’ll find your strength in the pain. Keep going.” – Steve Cook

Where there is no struggle there is no strength to be gained. Today’s pain just might be what makes you successful tomorrow – Steve Cook.

There is no I’ll be happy when fall in love with the daily grind and be happy with today… But want more for tomorrow.” –Steve Cook

Steve Cook Net Worth and Key Habits

Habit #1 - Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

It should not be a surprise that Steve Cook promotes a healthy lifestyle. He has been following a clean diet since he was a child. His father taught him how to train hard for his desired results. He also owns a gym that he uses to help others reach their fitness goals. His business card is essentially his top-notch physique. He works very hard to keep his body looking amazing because it helps him to sell his gym and products. 

You should always try and live a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of doing so will rub off on all areas of your life. When you work out and eat good you feel good about yourself, have more confidence, and your brain functions better. With all of those benefits you can work better, smarter, and be more engaged with your relationships. 

Habit #2 - Follow Your Passion

Steve was raised as an athlete and he found a way to take that passion and use it to make money.  He used to play football in high school and college. Steve found a way to turn this on its head and go pro in another sport. He makes money from having an amazing body. The more he lifts and trains, the more he gets paid. 

Think outside of the box and find different ways to make money doing what you love. When one door closes, know that more open up for you to be able to attack your dreams. Keep an eye out for these opportunities. When you're passionate about what you're doing, you will go the extra mile to be successful. 

Habit #3 - Push Through The Struggle 

Cook believes that there is no strength without pain and struggle. In order to build big and strong muscles, you need to push yourself to failure. When you push yourself hard, you are causing yourself more temporary pain. Most people cannot push them self into pain like this, but its required if you want to be successful. He is able to take this principle and apply it to all aspects of his life. He can push himself to the max because he knows that in the future it will help him to reach his goals. 

If you want to achieve something great, you're going to have to endure some pain. Physically, you may have to push yourself to failure. When you're working on your business, you may have to stay up past when your body wants to sleep. When you're reading, you may need to push through a few more pages. 

Summary - Steve Cook Net Worth and Key Habits


Live a Healthy Lifestyle 


Follow Your Passion 


Push Through the Struggle 

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