Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is a witty and insightful biography of one of the most iconic figures in the tech industry. Isaacson’s writing is engaging, and he takes the reader on a fascinating journey through Jobs’ life, from his humble beginnings to his rise as a tech titan.

For entrepreneurs looking to learn from Jobs’ success, there are several key habits and lessons that can be gleaned from the book.

Top 3 Takeaways:

1. The Habit of Obsessive Attention to Detail

Jobs was known for his obsessive attention to detail, and he demanded nothing but perfection from himself and those around him. This habit allowed him to create products that were not just functional, but beautiful and intuitive.

2. The Lesson of Taking Big Risks

Jobs was never afraid to take big risks, and he was willing to bet the success of his company on innovative products like the iPhone and iPad. This lesson teaches entrepreneurs that sometimes, taking a big risk is necessary to achieve big rewards.

3. The Importance of Being Customer-Centric

Jobs always put the customer at the center of everything he did. He believed that a product should not just be functional, but should also be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. This lesson teaches entrepreneurs the importance of understanding their customers and creating products that meet their needs and desires.

Overall, Steve Jobs is a must-read for entrepreneurs looking to learn from one of the most successful and innovative minds in the tech industry. Isaacson’s writing is engaging and informative, and the book offers valuable insights into the habits and lessons that helped Jobs achieve his extraordinary success.

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